LOS ANGELES, June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The new series “Cracka” is likely to cause a storm of controversy for the premise: “What if the roles were reversed?”. The trailer shows a white man with neo-Nazi tattoos being transported back in time to a version of America in which he is enslaved by black people. The four-part World War II animated series (using new patent-pending Trioscope Enhanced Hybrid Animation) is based on Alex Kershaw's 2013 book of the same name about U.S. Army officer Felix Sparks and the 157th Infantry Regiment from Oklahoma that included cowboys, Native Americans and Mexican-Americans as they invaded Italy and freed those at the Dachau concentration camp. wild'ish 109 on now. The series entitled “Cracka”, will address the issue of slavery. They couldn’t invent the wheel or a number system , much less anything mechanical. “Yankeeism”? “Cracka” is a highly controversial low budget ‘revenge porn’ series that shows an alternative version of American history where the black people enslave, rape, and murder the white people. Basically, the upshot of the emails was that no dissent was allowed on the subject and that any employee suspected of racism would not only be investigated and fired, but reported to the police. The title cards read: “You took our breath away, what if we took yours? ***FIGHT BACK Against Liberal Censorship. what do you guys think? Sure, the ((master manipulators)) know what sob sisters the Whites are, for any outsider. “What if it were your ancestors?” he wrote. Apparently he has a criminal record. Leave it up to the scum in Hollywood and its satanic elites to racebait and ok this antiwhite bullshit, Did Spike “the midget bitch” Lee come up with this trash show?! This is demonic evil and the whole company should be violently purged. They’re not all in the dark. The Republicans would be the ones to sell us into slavery if they could. It's like that blaxploitation flick: I like the 50s movie The Ten Commandments but would roll my eyes at all the Civil Rights inspired condemnation of slavery. If you don’t have anything of value to add to the comments, it won’t be posted at all. The series follows matchmaker Sima Taparia as she matches singles all the way from New Jersey to Mumbai. “Repulsive and hateful. Do you really really love him? He works in close association with ICM partners, c Silbermann, j berg, m levy etc. Snore… Just the same ole’anti-Whiteness oozing out of the sick entertainment industry for decades. 4. Ppl with good sense saw this coming in the 1950s, with the integration of schools. Stop funding your enemies. Yeah, like the pro-Israel evangelical Bible thumpers that constitute the majority of white Southerners are more redpilled on the JQ and HBD than Yankees like Tom Metzger, Richard Spencer (Boston born), Nick Fuentes, or James Allsup, right? White self hatred is sick. In the Italian Social Republic business entities were not allowed to rise beyond a certain point and any company guilty of disloyalty or economic malfeasance was confiscated and turned into an employee or worker owned entity. New Series "Cracka" Portrays Whites As Slaves And Blacks As Slave Owners June 23 2020 - 08:26PM PR Newswire (US) Print. Directed by Dale Resteghini. June 23, 2020. most propped. Cracka (TV Movie 2020) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Film directed by Dale Resteghini will be available for streaming later this year It’s all so, infuriating. Their attitudes were not reasoned into so they cannot be reasoned out of these attitudes either. It didn’t work out well for us, this extending a helping hand to ungrateful savages. The films sees white men and women brutalized by the black slavers, white slave girls being raped, whites having their names taken … Yeah 8 unarmed blacks killed by police compared to 8 thousand blacks killed overwhelmingly by other blacks last year. New Series: ***** Puts Blacks As Slave Owners And Whites As Slaves . The Harsh Alternate Reality of "CRACKA" LOS ANGELES, June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The new series "Cracka" is likely to cause a storm of controversy for the premise: "What if the roles were reversed?" I cannot possibly buy anything from them anymore. No other president exposes these psychotic demons like Trump does. Why? So there’s about to be a series called “Cracka” where white people are slaves and black people own them. There are alternatives! The series is full of graphic scenes, including a White woman being raped by a black man. now everybody is a slave to the revolutionary jew…we failed to heed the warnings now we live and die with the aftermath. The lineup of new shows on Prime this November features premieres of shows new and old. – Occidental Dissent, Betsy DeVos Slams Socialist Takeover of Higher Education, AG William Barr: No Evidence of Voter Fraud That Would Overturn The Election, Brad Parscale: Trump Lost Because Of COVID, Zombie Reaganism Is Alive and Well – Occidental Dissent, Ryan Girdusky: Why GOP Voters Should Care About Winning Georgia Senate Races, Voter Fraud: Trump Crushes The Vote In New York City, Blue Virginia: We Win “Populism” Or We Lose Everything. They couldnt invent the automobile? You can’t blame the Jews for taking over a system created by Yankees. There was a link to a site where you could order a pre-screen download, and also make a donation to BLM. You cannot start until you've not shaven, bathed or had a change of clothes for 2 weeks straight. If there was ever a Django 2 it would basically be Cracka btw Jamie Foxx is a bad actor and a unlikeable pos I want the 2 hours back I wasted watching that boring trash of a movie, bc1qan92nz5kd9fg3zmr7z68cyewkw0r670cgt350k, 459QZHgByeRVLA8U3JrPEF6H2XbjLQyjnDQV5JWFD8cGSw5wSfGHxqzRt6kkM672tb7NGks5MuKMBffuUsfhDZ4p3BBbk48. Director Dale Resteghini released the trailer for the series on Friday, saying it would be available for purchase on Amazon and elsewhere later in 2020.

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