Greyhounds are skinny; however, they are strong and muscular enough to run for a plethora of miles. In 2014, the USDA killed a total of 61,702 coyotes. The dog must be well trained to come, stay, left, right, ahead, back and stop. Dogs larger than coyotes, such as greyhounds, are generally able to drive them off, and have been known to kill coyotes. hpd503 15-May-10. He also enjoys hunting. 4. I do not have a problem with this, except for the fact that they release their dogs on one section, let the dogs chase over posted land, agricultural land, and anywhere they want to go. Many hunters usually believe that it is always an ethical practice to hunt down coyotes with dogs. by Coyoten » Jan 31, 2011. Hunting dogs learn to hunt as a juvenile from older, experienced dogs. by moosetrack megan I was wondering if certain lines of dutchies malinois could possibly be used to hunt coyotes, they got speed , some have the size, and there pretty strong, not sure how much staminar they have or holding ability when the prey is actually fighting back Accordin g to the AKC, the Greyhound is an ancient breed seen on Egyptian tombs are far back as 2900 B.C. I was thinking of a Deerhound, or a Wolfhound, or a Lurcher, or maybe a Borzoi, or a Greyhound. Q: What would be a good coyote hunting dog? The Oklahoma gentleman interviewed calls them calm and gentle in addition to being efficient killers. Greyhounds are ideal for hunting coyotes as they have the innate hunting instinct to chase and seize fleeing creatures. 3 posts greyhounds greyhounds . Greyhounds are ideal for hunting coyotes as they have the innate hunting instinct to chase and seize fleeing creatures. Share with: Link: Copy link. by Greyhound gang » Oct 25, 2018. TD 15-May-10. 0 Replies 776 Views Greyhounds Hunting Coyote There was an article in Sunday's New York Times about a "sport" in Oklahoma of using greyhounds to hunt and kill coyotes. She did real good. Greyhounds also were used to hunt down coyotes who were killing livestock. I have acres for the dog but have lots of coyotes around my property. Hunting coyotes with dogs is not new. Unlike the greyhounds familiar to most Americans as racers and pets, Hardzog’s are trained only to chase and kill coyotes for sport. 06/29/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011 One of the greatest challenges we confront at The HSUS is that there are so many forms of animal abuse. Coyote chasing with greyhounds enable seekers to secure farm domesticated animals, for example, heifer, hog and doe from the coyote rapacity. skb2706 Die Hard Member with a vengeance Registered: 10/31/03 Posts: 4884 Loc: Denver, Colorado Glad I hunt on private land where access is limited and truck loads of pseudo Nascar drivers with rifles can't go. In the past four decades, coyotes have moved into New Hampshire from the west, becoming a routine part of the landscape, and now some advocates think we shouldn’t be hunting … In general, I don't think retired racers should be used to hunt. At our place in Kansas, they shoot .22 in the creek bottoms to scare the coyotes out to one side or the other and then the dogs see them. Hunting Coyotes with Greyhounds: A Cruel Blood Sport. Most of these dogs that are used for this are not full blooded greyhounds, many of these hounds are mixes of wolfhounds, bloodhounds and airedales. It is legal in OK. I was in eastern Colorado Dove hunting when a group came by with greyhounds. The Greyhound can even do more than that. Hunting truck for sale . Pelts are sold to a traveling fur buyer. So hunting coyotes with greyhounds is a system seeker have been utilizing for ages and profitable reality. A Greyhound does just that. For a thousand cruelties, it seems there are … John Hardzog, a cattle rancher, has 40 greyhounds trained only for the hunt who kill 270 to 350 coyotes a season. 28. buffalo57. 4. According to the federation, 636 hunters combined for a new record take of 118 coyotes this year, breaking the previous record of 85 set in 2017. The dominant gene of the Mountain View Cur is of the Mountain Cur, although they differ widely from the original mountain breed. The problem with hunting coyotes in Minnesota is most of the state is covered in trees, and laws prevent using lights to aid in night hunting. This breed was developed in 1987 in New York. About 15 minutes later here comes the coyote with a big old grey hound in close pursuit. Vargy's Coyote Hunting Board > Discussion Areas > Hunter Contacts > greyhounds . When it comes to hunting, you need a dog that is quick and can run for miles. One of the greatest challenges we confront at The HSUS is that there are so many forms of animal abuse. When the ranchers spied a coyote they tugged on a rope that opened the doors to a crate holding the whining greyhound racers. I've been known to tag along with him.....often. In Monday’s New York Times, Juliet Macur reported on an old form of abuse that most people had either never heard of in the first place or had assumed had simply faded away with the march of humanity and modern society: the use of greyhounds to chase and kill coyotes, as a form of sport hunting. Greyhounds are generally known as racing dogs but they can also be used as hunting dogs. Greyhounds are ideal for hunting coyotes as they have the innate hunting instinct to chase and seize fleeing creatures. I have a video of two guys using a Mountain Cur to bring in Coyotes. Hunting coyotes with greyhounds goes back generations. If they turn it towards one of us, we shoot it. doj charges more than 14,200 defendants with firearms-related crimes in fy20 . buffalo57. Black mouth cur. re: Coyote hunting with greyhounds Posted by Manchac Man on 1/29/16 at 4:13 pm to WPsportsman This is true. Moderator:hyperformance1. From talking to Coyote hunters in the lower 48 and doing research the Mountain Curr makes the best Decoy Dog for hunting Coyotes. We had kicked one out when we had started hunting the grove trees we were sitting in. Gage Taylor, 16, of Pratt, likes cold weather. Hunting coyotes with greyhounds is a technique hunters have been using for generations, and quite successfully actually. Pointed in the direction he had gone. by vargy49 » Feb 03, 2009. President Theodore Roosevelt did so on this land, about 70 … 2 issues here are, A) Are we talking about retired track greyhounds being adopted then used as hunting dogs or B) Greys raised from birth and trained as a juvenile to hunt? He also likes spending time outdoors with his dogs -- 16 greyhounds … Hounds eliminate the need for night hunting and solve the problem of trying to entice coyotes out of large groves of trees. For a thousand cruelties, it seems there are an equal number of excuses and rationalizations. They said they were hunting Coyotes. JERSEY BOB 15-May-10. Post Apr 10, 2013 #1 2013-04-11T01:18. james robison from nw okla . President Theodore Roosevelt did so on this land, about 70 miles southwest of Oklahoma City, in the early 1900s. While living on a ranch in central South Dakota I routinely saw pickups loaded with greyhounds jostling down ranch trails in hopes of catching a coyote in the open. Greyhounds are generally known as racing dogs but they can also be used as hunting dogs. All Pics with hounds and Coyotes . With Greyhounds it doesn't take long and they're on the yote. In a nutshell, see a yote and unleash the hounds. Re: Coyote hunting with greyhounds Post by walkerdog » Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:04 pm My neighbor had a bunch of stag hound and greyhounds and they would attack anything that they could get to if they were out of their kennels. 9 Replies 1.9K Views ... 3 Year Old Trained Greyhounds for Sale. Boomerdog in OK 15-May-10. Besides their quick nature, they also possess eagle eyesight for identifying coyotes from afar. Greyhounds were imported to North America in large numbers from Ireland and England in the mid-1800s not to course or race, but to rid midwest farms of a virtual epidemic of jackrabbits that was ruining their farms. When it comes to hunting, you need a dog that is quick and can run for miles. Using Greyhounds for hunting Coyotes. Share. Mountain View Cur. been hunting coyotes with greyhounds since 1975. I want a dog that's good at coyote hunting. Coyote hunting with Greyhounds Community. Hunting coyotes with greyhounds goes back generations. Although coyote hunting is widespread across the country, c oursing, a subset of hunting, is relatively uncommon. A Greyhound does just that. Oklahomans Train Greyhounds to Hunt Coyotes: In Oklahoma, the use of greyhounds to catch and kill coyotes goes back several generations. Author: The Humane Society Updated: Mar 2, 2018 Original: Apr 29, 2010. ... From: Chip T. 15-May-10. "When you get the dogs running in a dead run after a coyote, now that's a sport," he said. A good friend of mine hunts yotes with Greyhounds. The name of this dog originates from its black muzzle. Contributors to this thread: Chip T. 15-May-10. Coyotes usually attack smaller-sized dogs, but they have been known to attack even large, powerful breeds such as the Rottweiler in exceptional cases. The yotes really don't stand a chance. This video shows a few greyhounds chasing down and getting a coyote. Read an article in the NY Times about an Oklahoma rancher who hunt coyotes with his greyhounds. By Wayne Pacelle. Greyhounds Hunting Coyotes: A Cruel Blood Sport. This was one I'd never heard of before. This is because the experience one can get while hunting with dogs is always great, more than just pursuing your quarry. #1181657 - 01/14/09 10:54 AM Re: Hunting coyotes with greyhounds. It remains largely a regional pursuit that is part of the area’s lore, like the cattle drives along the Chisholm Trail. They assume basic parts of … I'm well aware that ranchers hate coyotes for their predation of livestock. Among the earliest documented Plains hunting expeditions to use gazehounds came in 1854, a decade before Custer arrived on the frontier. Coyote hunters grandfather and grandson enjoy time out in the cold running their greyhound dogs and catching coyotes. The method we use is mostly sight hunting. As I was out pheasant hunting last week, I saw a group of people huning coyotes with hounds. i was reading about guys hunting coyotes with mainly greyhounds and greyhound mixes, and other suitable dogs were being discussed. Sir George Gore, of Sligo, Ireland, brought an elaborate entourage, including “14 staghounds and 3 dozen greyhounds,” to what would become eastern Montana (near present-day Miles City). He argues that hunting coyotes is exactly what they were born and bred to do, what they live for. Smaller breeds are more likely to suffer injury or death. 28. Furthermore, hunters say the government’s methods, which includes poisonous gases and aerial sharpshooters, are not more humane.

hunting coyotes with greyhounds

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