Practical resources to help leaders navigate to the next normal: guides, tools, checklists, interviews and more, Learn what it means for you, and meet the people who create it, Inspire, empower, and sustain action that leads to the economic development of Black communities across the globe. Strengthen understanding of local medical practices and patient needs and derive relevant insights from it. It first must identify and understand new medical influencers and then develop effective and innovative ways to interact and partner with them. To that end, Medical Affairs has to become more proactive about bringing insights from a broader range of external medical decision makers and influencers into early Clinical Development. Nine Key Elements to Ensure Advisory Board Success. With seven years now past, it is hardly surprising that significant change has occurred in the world in which the pharmaceutical industry operates, especially given the remarkable economic environment and the continued acceleration of technological change. Transforming this data into practical insights could drastically improve real-world medical decision making, providing value to physicians and patients. Medical affairs professionals within the pharmaceutical industry, given their scientific background and training, have the ability and distinct opportunity to help fill this information gap and establish themselves with their “physician base” as a trusted source for scientifically sound medical communications. Learn the essential elements of regulatory affairs related to the pharmaceutical & medical device industries.This is a convenient, online program that will provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to progress as a regulatory professional and … Increased transparency will put additional compliance pressure on pharmaceutical companies, especially on Medical Affairs, given its responsibilities in data generation and dissemination. As a trusted source on complex drugs, in many cases, medical affairs serves as an integral part of improving patient outcomes. Read more > Post navigation. This will require a more flexible engagement model that adapts to a changed communication landscape and captures opportunities utilizing multiple channels, including electronic and digital media (Exhibit 2). Read Book Pharma Medical Affairs 2020 And Beyond Mckinsey Company Would reading compulsion move your life? As part of these reforms, there will be a massive explosion in the generation and usage of real-world data, particularly data measuring comparative effectiveness. Monitor and consider external patient data that may be directly posted and become accessible in public databases (for example, safety data). This report details their goals and ambitions for the year 2020. Our flagship business publication has been defining and informing the senior-management agenda since 1964. Furthermore, it must also take a lead in demonstrating improved comparative efficacy and cost effectiveness to payors by employing the real world evidence and data generated by others. Staff should be encouraged to take on “safe” risks, lead regional or global initiatives, or make planned lateral moves in Commercial or R&D functions. At the same time, there will be an increased focus on evidence and higher hurdles for proving product value. Acquire and develop the talent to cultivate and build a strong, multi-faceted Medical Affairs organization that encompasses the new set of competencies required to navigate the future healthcare landscape across the globe. Medical affairs (MA) will be the single most powerful force in helping pharma do just that. At the same time, it is important for Medical Affairs to re-establish pharmaceuticals companies’ integrity and credibility by communicating higher quality medical information that is of the highest relevance to customers. In order to engage and partner with healthcare stakeholders to understand patients’ needs, Medical Affairs should do the following: Medical information is increasingly complex and specialized, which makes it potentially highly valuable but often overwhelming to customers. Facilitate coordination and integration of different medical data and types of knowledge in the company and achieve external recognition for providing credible and unbiased medical information. Drive engagement with a broader range of external stakeholders, including KOLs, emerging medical influencers, specialty physicians, payors, and medically sophisticated patients. Medical Affairs leaders will also need to balance enhancing their support for the commercial interests of their companies with maintaining appropriate external engagement and building public trust. Key Medical Affairs themes: Your new role in 2020 and beyond: Hear industry leaders deconstruct the future model of medical. While many of the trends predicted in 2007 will continue, the pace of change is expected to increase even more as we approach 2020. Some of the growing responsibilities to medical affairs in 2019 are: Medical launch leadership with trusted partnership … Relay insights for early life cycle planning that arise from value discussions with Commercial payors and hospital P&T committees. These myriad challenges can only be met by upgrading human-resource capabilities and developing a deeper talent pipeline that extends into the upper echelons of the company. Presentation of scientific information to patients in a form they can readily understand will become more prevalent. In bridging the product from the R&D/Clinical Development Team to the Launch Team for phase IIIb/IV … Medical affairs has a lot on its plate. Fast forward and medical affairs now encompasses strategy, safety, quality, pharmacovigilance mentoring, clinical communications, post-launch trials, field teams (e.g. The definition of value, however, continues to evolve and expand across all major geographies. Relationship management and communication of product information with healthcare providers, payors, and other medically-focused customers (e.g., regulators, institutional leaders) in collaboration with field medical teams, including medical-science liaisons. Reading pharma medical affairs 2020 and beyond mckinsey company is a fine habit; you can manufacture this infatuation to be such fascinating way. Matthias Evers is a director in McKinsey’s Hamburg office; Edd Fleming is a director in the Silicon Valley office; Arnab Ghatak is a principal in the New Jersey office, where Jan Hartmann is an associate principal and Ann Westra is a knowledge expert; Arif Nathoo, Ron Piervincenzi, and Lawrence Wai are alumni of McKinsey; and Brindan Suresh is an associate principal in the London office. Many companies also chose to focus R&D resources on developing new products and moved post-launch activities, such as finding new indications for existing drugs, into the Medical Affairs function. cookies, Q&A with Medical Affairs thought leaders describing changes in Digital and Field Medical during the pandemic and beyond APAC 2020 Virtual Register NOW for the premier Medical Affairs conference for the Asia-Pacific region: Nov 18, 25 & Dec 2, 9 Pharma Medical Affairs 2020 In A vision for Medical Affairs in 2025, a new report released by McKinsey & Company, Medical Affairs is cited as the “third strategic pillar” [1], right along with R&D, and commercial & market access 1 in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharma Medical Affairs 2020 And Pharma Medical Affairs: 2020 and beyond Beginning in 2007, medical leaders from across the industry have assembled to discuss a future vision for Medical Affairs. Practical resources to help leaders navigate to the next normal: guides, tools, checklists, interviews and more. In recent years, the channels of medical information available to different stakeholders have proliferated. For example, while patients focus on out-of-pocket costs, physicians focus on reimbursement, and payors/governments focus on cost to the health system. Offering secure community platforms for experts to collaborate in drafting manuscripts, distributing education, engaging study sites, training contracted speakers, managing approved slide decks and reporting Sunshine payments, ExtendMed’s solutions support a wide spectrum of life science clients – including pharmaceuticals, medical device companies, agencies, CROs, and medical associations. In order to fully demonstrate value, Medical Affairs must continuously upgrade its understanding of what value means from the perspectives of a broad spectrum of healthcare stakeholders – from patients to society to industry. They need to collaborate with R&D colleagues and deeply understand the science that underpins their work; they must understand the rules and regulations governing the industry almost as well as their compliance and legal department colleagues; and they should have the strategic thinking capabilities of their marketing counterparts as well as the customer-interaction skills of their colleagues in sales. Leading Strategies to Advance Medical Science Communications, Engage with KOLs Compliantly, Conduct Effective Investigator Studies and Ensure Excellence Throughout Your Medical Affairs Team A 360 degree view of the medical affairs landscape that brings together Investigator Initiated Sponsored Research (IISR), Expanded Access Programs (EAP) and Medical Publications & Communications. Make health outcomes the primary orientation of scientific engagement, strengthening the ability of medical systems to effectively manage the healthcare of entire populations. Medical Affairs is both a rewarding and challenging area in the evolving environment of drug development and launch readiness planning. Most transformations fail. McKinsey & Company | 2014. collaboration with select social media and trusted analytics partners Effective facilitation and communication of medical knowledge and innovative approaches to data dissemination will be a key to regaining this trust. Medical communications, including the writing and support for peer-reviewed publications and other medical and scientific communications. Pharma Medical Affairs 2020 and Beyond. The use of social media and innovative data collection will continue to expand as these become commonly used channels to hear the views of patients and physicians. May 6-7: Forum DIA’s Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications Forum is designed for medical affairs professionals, by medical affairs professionals.This forum provides a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory and compliance environment directly affecting the daily activities of medical affairs and scientific communication professionals. All of them play an expanding role in clinical decisions through their treatment guidelines, protocols and formulary listings. For example, due to the healthcare reform in the United States, patients now take a much more active role in healthcare decision making. Formally rotate leaders through countries, medical, and other functions and assign new talent to areas that build on their strengths; they should be comfortable at the start of their journey but have explicit career trajectories. Pharma Medical Affairs 2020 and beyond quantity. Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) activities, including research and communications related to product value (e.g., product value dossiers, patient-related outcomes, health technology assessments). THIS WEEK’S MUST READ “The definition of value will be much broader and will expand as the types of healthcare stakeholders who demand a demonstration of value increase. As cost pressures continue to rise given ongoing healthcare reform, the decision-making power is gradually shifting from physicians to a new set of stakeholders who are driving containment of costs (for example, pharmacy and therapeutics (P&T) committee members at hospitals). Over time, this data will reach the critical mass necessary to become a key factor in decision making. Article (PDF -4MB) Beginning in 2007, medical leaders from across the industry have assembled to discuss a future vision for Medical Affairs. Use minimal essential Pfizer's Medical Affairs Lead, Rare Diseases, talks about purpose, patients and pharma's power to do good Racially diverse clinical trials: A new patient-led legacy takes root Andrew Stone , ( Oct 15, 2020 ) Collaborate to ensure that cost-effectiveness and comparative efficacy data are available at launch to enable payors and physicians to choose wisely among competing products. Develop clear processes and systems to collect, collate, and synthesize insights from different stakeholders and leverage these insights by collaborating with R&D and Commercial functions. Conduct real world evidence analyses by mining large databases of payors and medical institutions for insights on how to improve treatments. Interactions between pharmaceutical companies and various medical stakeholders will continue to evolve with the emergence of new decision makers and with greater public scrutiny of these relationships. The proliferation of data and demands for transparency we see today will accelerate as we head toward 2020. Reinvent your business. Only when mindsets shift from a technical focus to people skills – from leading projects to leading people – will truly capable leaders emerge. PDF Pharma Medical Affairs 2020 And Beyond Mckinsey Company collections to check out. This report details their goals and ambitions for the year 2020… Several steps are necessary for Medical Affairs to coordinate and integrate different medical data in a credible and unbiased fashion: As medical roles and responsibilities have evolved to address a wider range of demands, traditional medical backgrounds and capabilities are essential but no longer sufficient for success in the new Medical Affairs organization. New forms of cooperation for data generation between pharma companies and other stakeholders (i.e., accountable care organizations [ACOs], integrated-delivery networks, payors) should be considered (for example, joint clinical trials with leading ACOs offering access to their information systems and to real-time data, prospective-outcomes research with payors in their patient population). MSLs) and turning to be a central function and core element of any operations for pharma. We believe that at least three new, stronger forces will Companies are beginning to make detailed patient data that form the basis of trials of approved drugs and discontinued investigational ones accessible to researchers. In the United States, rising healthcare costs have forced employers and governments to rely even more on payors to control costs and influence individual healthcare decisions, and healthcare reform promises to intensify that trend. Deep patient insights have to come from engagements with emerging medical stakeholders and mining of new data, such as real world evidence. Those in MA now find themselves with direct responsibilities throughout the product lifecycle, interacting with virtually all stakeholders – both internal and external. To do that effectively, Medical Affairs must become an equal to the R&D and Commercial functions in advocating the patient-centric view. Medical Presentation.A rapidly changing world for Medical Affairs: Pharma s Medical Affairs faces growing internal and external challenges as well as new opportunities. Contact us for more information about our custom solutions. Subscribed to {PRACTICE_NAME} email alerts. If achieved, the four aspirations below would enable Medical Affairs organizations to create significantly greater value for their companies, industry, and society: The healthcare system is increasingly resource-constrained, while at the same time treatment options are proliferating. Something went wrong. We'll email you when new articles are published on this topic. NJE-262620.822-20040525-sugnHR1 1 OVERVIEW Medical Affairs is increasingly the third major source of ... 2001 FTEs 2020 FTEs 5,500 9,900 FOR THESE REASONS SIGNIFICANT GROWTH IS Giving big pharma a new face: Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs CEO Dr. William Soliman on Fox News to discuss the rebranding of big pharma ACMA Chairman, CEO, Dr. William Soliman discusses Johnson & Johnson, Purdue Pharma, the opioid crisis and where the pharmaceutical … These will include new data – particularly real world evidence and patient-generated data (e.g., genomic information), which in the past were often disconnected data points – that now need to be considered in the context of broader information sets (e.g., safety data) and have to be integrated to best leverage insights (Exhibit 1). Posted on 07/20/2016 07/19/2016 by Experience Matters. Join us at eyeforpharma Philadelphia to discover how. Therefore access and treatment choices will ultimately require a solid understanding and convincing demonstration of medical and economic value. Medical Affairs sits within commercial organisations and is concerned with post-approval activities. Pharma Medical Affairs 2020 and beyond $ 0.00. The role of patients will also fundamentally change with the rise of consumerism in healthcare. Each stakeholder requires slightly different evidence or support - eg data, real-world evidence, proof of quality of care, 'beyond the pill' services - and pharma companies are increasingly looking to their medical affairs teams to gather the necessary evidence and share the information to … 9:00 INDUSTRY CASE STUDIES: BLUEPRINTS FOR SUCCESS — ACHIEVING PRE-LAUNCH GOALS STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT WITH CORPORATE TEAMS As medical affairs teams trend towards enhanced engagement in incipient stages of pre-launch activities, the strategic bridge-building … Focus is needed to systematically build the required skills and capabilities in the Medical Affairs workforce so that they are in place to meet the growing expectations being placed upon them and their leaders. 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