If true, make a noise when applications send the escape sequence for the terminal bell. If true, ignore the configured colours and use values from the theme instead. close_window Edit the currently active tab's title Default value: False ungroup_all reset_clear Default value: S Default value: i Control how focus is given to terminals. Default value: Right reset This translates into the value that will be set for TERM in the environment of your terminals. Thousands of designers (famous or not) use the image font detection system to find a font or similar free fonts from an image. reset_clear Default value: xterm-256color Paste the current contents of the clipboard. new_terminator Default value: False Possibilities are "left", "right", and "disabled". Default value: Down Zoom/Unzoom the current terminal to fill the window, and scale its font. Show/Hide the scrollbar. Default value: escape-sequence cursor_blink (boolean) cursor_blink (boolean) TF1 by ALLTYPE TerminatorTwo. Instead it will use 'fake' transparency where a background image is shown, but other windows are not. Default value: True edit_terminal_title Default value: True Swap the current tab with the one to its right. go_left If true, make a noise when applications send the escape sequence for the terminal bell. If set to True, tabs will have a close button on them. Default value: top Default value: Down Default value: False Default value: I title_use_system_font (boolean) cursor_shape An Pango font name. Sets what code the delete key generates. Default value: True layouts Default value: False Default value: solid Every font is free to download! Character set to use for the terminal. copy_on_selection (boolean) ~/.config/terminator/config - the config file for Terminator terminal emulator. Move to the previous tab. Default colour of cursor, as a colour specification (can be HTML-style hex digits, or a colour name such as "red"). Default value: True If true, set the window manager "urgent" hint when applications send the escale sequence for the terminal bell. Pages related to terminator_configterminal-colors.d (5) - Configure output colorization for various utilitiesterminal-colors (5) - Configure output colorization for various utilitiesterminfo (5) - terminal capability data baseterm (5) - format of compiled term file.termcap (5) - terminal capability databaseteamd.conf (5) - libteam daemon configuration file Default value: True Values can be "prev", "next" or "auto". If set to True, right-click will paste the Primary selection, middle-click will popup the context menu. always_split_with_profile encoding Default value: Tab switch_to_tab_1 - switch_to_tab_10 urgent_bell (boolean) Sets the colour of the background of the titlebar of any terminal that will receive input from the active terminal. If set to True, tabs will have a close button on them. Move the parent dragbar right.       type = Window Controls the width of the separator between terminals. split_vert   [[default]] Default value: True This means there will be no visual indication of either how many tabs there are, or which one you are on. Default value: True Default value: Q Rotate terminals clockwise. global_config Default value: Right move_tab_right The show was produced by Warner Bros. Television, and C2 Pictures (C2 Pictures was replaced by The Halcyon Company in season two). Sets the colour of the text shown in the titlebar of the active terminal. Terminator plugins can add their own configuration to the config file, and will appear as a sub-section. new_terminator Rotate terminals clockwise. close_window tab_position   [keybindings]       type = Terminal enabled_plugins See preview terminator font, write comments, or download terminator font for free. resize_up enabled_plugins Default value: click audible_bell (boolean) cursor_color palette Default value: False use_custom_command (boolean) If true, pressing a key jumps the scrollbar to the bottom. Default value: X go_right profiles Open a new Terminator window as part of the existing process. Move cursor focus to the next tab. Getty Fonts - Terminator Real NFI Font Download Font Finder. keybindings An Pango font name. Search for text in the terminal scrollback history. These are the options Terminator currently supports in the keybindings section: close_window Toggle visibility of the Terminator window. colorterm group_all This is that palette, in the form of a colon-separated list of colour names. 0.0 means fully transparent, 1.0 means fully opaque. Copy the currently selected text to the clipboard. Default value: ascii-del Terminator Two Regular ALLTYPE:Terminator Two Regular:MIKE Terminator Two Converted from C:\TEST\TERMNTR. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Window objects may not have a parent attribute. If set to True, the tab bar will be hidden. focus_on_close http://proxy.lan:3128/ scroll_tabbar (boolean) URL of an HTTP proxy to use, e.g. These are the options Terminator currently supports in the profiles section. Default value: ascii-del Default value: False or similar, These are the options Terminator currently supports in the global_config section: Return font to pre-configured size. > Subject: [terminator-users] Sub-pixel anti-aliasing for Terminator; Terminator problem (1612/3221/1.6.0_20-b02/Windows XP 5.1 Cygwin 1.7.5/x86 x2) > Hi, for years I was a Terminator user on Windows/cygwin then switched to Console2 for a while because of cygwin's issues with CTRL-C when connected to ptys. Great for designers, crafters, anyone who loves typography, and anyone who's ever asked "what the font?!"