When you dress up in a suit, you tend to stand straighter and project more confidence, which people will respond to positively. Making professional dress even more confusing is the fact that types of work environment make a big difference in what one wears. Khaki's and a polo can be appropriate professional attire for a fast-food job interview, while nothing less than a three-piece suit will do for an interview at a law firm. Gain an edge by dressing appropriately for the situation and making sure you are neatly groomed. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to what's appropriate for the workplace. When choosing a uniform or creating a dress code, make sure you prioritise your staff’s safety. … But have we ever considered the image we convey by what we wear to the office? It needs to be suitable for the workplace. The Importance of Grooming & Dressing for a Job Interview. [Whether you're walking down the street, shopping at the mall, or going out on the town for a night of fun, you'll likely notice someone who's dressed provocatively -- that someone might even be you. If you’re unwilling to present yourself as a professional, it could bleed into your work and other’s perceptions of you as an employee. Let’s ask ourselves, “Is my image portraying my best self so that I can gain respect from others and articulate my ideas or is it showing a lesser version of myself?” There is reason to consider the benefits of dressing well and expressing your unique individualism at the office – no matter where you work. What is acceptable varies by industry and corporate culture, so always check your company's dress code to understand the policy. As dress standards in social settings relax, more and more people view business dress as an anachronism. A good rule of thumb for interviews: always dress one step above what employees at that business wear to work. Whether you like it or not, you are judged based on your appearance. Why not show our best selves at work – in what we wear and how we perform our tasks? Yes, the workweek is almost done -- the key word being almost. Dress as you want to be seen: professional, successful, and the kind of person the company wants to represent it. How much more likely are we to receive a project, promotion, or raise at work when we command respect from others in how we present ourselves? The Importance of Dressing Well in the Workplace We often choose to partake in careers or professional programs that advance our intellectual curiosity, cultivate skills, and build knowledge around different issues, processes, and systems that people rely on us for. Since 1995, America’s Future Foundation has been the premier nationwide network of liberty-minded young leaders, providing unique opportunities to learn the ideas of liberty and develop the skills necessary to articulate them. Building our professional toolbox builds credibility and sustainability in career growth. Outside of AFF, she runs a wardrobe consultation side hustle that aims to develop individuals’ personal style. v2. Before you have had a chance to discuss your skills, you have already been judged on your appearance and clothing. What we wear dictates to the world who we are, and how we want to be perceived and treated. Showalter received her Bachelor of Arts in mass communications from the University of South Florida. Professionalism goes beyond a checklist of requirements. A true professional is willing to help their co-workers when they are overburdened or facing a challenge at work. Several companies typically encourage or … This is the most important reason for dressing appropriately for work. "Casual … If you show up for an interview or an important meeting looking like you just rolled out of bed, then the person you are meeting with will likely see you as unprofessional, harming your chances of getting the job or making the sale. If you are working in a school, corporate or on your own, wearing proper attire is important. Although you are usually fine following guidelines as discussed, realize that workplaces may encourage a certain "look" that goes beyond simple "Office Formal" or "Business Casual" definitions. This is why it is accepted as global workplace attire. Dressing well and utilizing style as a mechanism to express our individualism, character, and personality helps us stand out from the crowd, in a positive and potentially career uplifting way. Even in environments with more lax dress practices, dressing up can show a level of commitment and respect for the work, which looks good to employers. Nurse leaders started investigating patients’ claims that it was difficult to identify nurses based on their appearance alone. After all, we are going to the office to get the job done, right? It’s easy to put on a simple dress or chinos and a button down for work without considering crafting personal items into our appearance. Professionalism is very important in any workplace. CashMoneyLife: Build a Professional Wardrobe on a Budget. Why Is It So Important To Dress Professionally For Work Many researchers have studied that dressing up professionally influences the way you perform at your workplace. Despite all the variations in their responses, one thing is clear: It’s important to dress authentically at work. This is why it is so important to look presentable at work. But many of these endeavors do not require a dress code, or at best provide guidelines around “business professional” or “business casual” clothing. It puts you in ‘work-mode’ from a … Keep holy the casual Friday. Just as your brand gets a good visibility through appropriate colors, shades, and … At the time, there was no standard dress code for any type of nurses at the hospital, whether they were RNs, licensed practical nurses (LPNs) or nursing assistants (NAs).Some patients indicated that, rather than look as if they were ready to care for patients, some nursing staff looke… It's important to portray a good image to coworkers and clients. I work remotely but frequently dress up when attending office meetings, lunches, or networking events. It matters because the way people perceive us will most likely dictate our next career move, if and how we are hired, and the ways people treat us. There’s an old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” which is technically … Those two familiar statements prove that everyone needs to realize the importance of dressing professionally. A dress code is one of the most important steps to follow, to set yourself up for the basics of professionalism. In addition to it being an unwritten rule, people who dress well always catch the attention of everyone around them, and it also defines them and the kind of people they really are. Studies have shown that it only takes seven seconds for a person to form an impression of someone else. You need to wear what makes you feel like your best self. Sometimes we all must fake it until we make it, but dressing well helps bring true authenticity and unique confidence to the table when working with others. First impressions are seldom more important than on a job interview. Respect your company’s rules. © America's Future Foundation. You sit up taller, you receive compliments on how sharp you look, and you feel important because your work attire is so much fancier than what you wear on the weekends. We often choose to partake in careers or professional programs that advance our intellectual curiosity, cultivate skills, and build knowledge around different issues, processes, and systems that people rely on us for. How Going Low-Tech Can Help You Write More Efficiently, Building Connections and Networking Virtually, Landing a Byline in a Reputable Newspaper, 10 Home Schooling tips from a Working Mom of Four+, I Follow People I Disagree With, You Should Too, The History of Government and Booze in America in Five Scenes, There’s Only One Way to Stop Polarization from Tearing America Apart, Lily Tang Williams: From Mao’s China to Freedom in America, Weekly Writers Round-Up: Veterans Day in a Pandemic, Leaving Big Tech, and Student Loan Forgiveness. Professional dress is not the same for every situation. Clean hair, face and hands, fresh breath and light, or no, perfumes or aftershaves create an important … Copies don’t go far, authenticity does. Perception matters. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. For remote workers or people who might telecommute or work from home, it is still a good idea to stick to the routine every day, and dress-up before starting work. It's especially important to evaluate summer wardrobes as warmer weather arrives. Although many offices are casual environments, it is necessary to be in proper work attire. One thing is clear, how you dress for work is important. The age-old saying, “look good, feel better” remains true. Clean hair, face and hands, fresh breath and light, or no, perfumes or aftershaves create an important positive image to go along with your attire. They can transform you instantly and have a very real, visceral impact. Sandi Kelly Showalter became a professional freelance writer in 2008, in addition to her role as an entrepreneur. Creating Cohesion: An employer’s standard for dress codes creates a standard for visual cohesion. Dressing professionally also includes grooming. Leah Whetstone serves as America’s Future Foundation’s Community Growth Manager. One person's success reflects well on everyone in their workplace. In this episode I talk about why it is really important for us to look at something as simple and basic as dress code. She graduated from Hillsdale College with a Bachelor of Science in marketing and enjoys travel, workout classes, and helping others see the beauty of their unique style. Whatever you do, wherever you work, your attire is a significant part of your identity and a key factor in how you are perceived throughout your relationship with a company. First Impressions count. But, what most people are not aware of, is that what we wear significantly impacts our performance and attitude. All Rights Reserved. There are times when we all feel less confident about ourselves or our abilities, but dressing well, especially within a professional environment, elevates our confidence and often opens opportunities to work with more colleagues and to take on more projects. My clothing enhance my confidence in my abilities and my mood. According to studies, specific work clothing will make your employees more focused on their job. First impressions in business meetings can be highly swayed by what you’re wearing, so I do think it is something you should think about. Perhaps it’s just me, but reminiscing about times where I felt the most confident with coworkers or friends are often when I unknowingly dressed in items that elevated my individual style and unique character. Professional attire is undoubtedly a powerful extension of an individual’s personal image. You want the interviewer to focus on you and your skills not your clothes. And it probably works, right? With appropriate clothing, accessories and footwear, an employee can emphasize his skills & qualities in the eyes of his employer, co-workers & clients. A job interview is not the place for a trendy fashion statement. When we look polished and professional, people are more likely to trust us and instill confidence in our work. When I talk about the importance of dressing well, I am not referring to the professional context only. Whether we work in a causal setting or must wear a tie to work, let’s not be a copy of our coworkers. Most importantly, this professional attitude forces us into a mode of productivity. ln workplaces with clear, established dress codes, formal dress may be very important, and informal dress could result in a write-up or call an employee’s commitment into question. Dressing well is the first step. The major reason why dressing in proper business attire is important for every business professional is because it presents a visual image and sends a message that the employees are professional. A good rule of thumb for interviews: always dress one step above what employees at that business wear to work. Starting with your interview, make sure you get it right. Make no mistake: appearance matters. Every company comes with a different set of rules and policies. Dressing professionally can make you feel better about yourself. I would say dress to the role you are looking to portray. Studies show inappropriate dressing or grooming causes 40 percent of job rejections. The way you look says a lot about you. They aren't afraid to share knowledge, opinions, or simply an extra pair of hands. Clothes become symbolic of who we are.” Let us bring the best version of ourselves to work, every day. Add personality to an outfit with a rustic watch, fun pair of glasses, new lipstick, or colorful heels, but let’s be mindful to keep it within the confines of acceptable office dress. Not Just Clothes. Importance of Professionalism and Work Ethic “Succeed at Work,” published by the Texas Workforce Commission, states that professionals who exhibit a strong work ethic are valuable employees who might be rewarded with promotions, new work opportunities and salary increases. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. There are multiple reasons why dressing professionally is beneficial, but here are just a few: First impressions are the most important element of meeting someone new. Our confidence and self-esteem often come from the reflection we see of ourselves in others. Why I dress up to work from home – and you should too You don’t have to wear designer gear, but what you see in the mirror matters. Keep in mind that understanding work and office culture is important and we should adapt accordingly. Your appearance is influential to others as well, not just yourself. We have all heard the saying, “Dress for the job we want, not the job we have.” Like it or not, humans are visual creatures. Corporate Identity. Even in an interview setting, it can be easy to convince yourself that you don’t want to look “stuffy,” and so you may actually dress down a little, and hurt your chances of landing the gig you want. Dressing professionally also includes grooming. Promotes productivity. You always hear the phrase “dress for success,” and think, sure, I’ll step it up a notch today when I get ready. There is a general ideology that workplace attire mainly consists of formal wear in colors that belong to such a fashion. A person can accept you or reject you in the first 30 seconds, based on appearance alone. I often encourage others and myself to find pieces in my closet that bring me joy and elevate my mood so that I carry that positivity and attitude to others. It includes standards for behavior that might be mandated in an employee handbook, like adhering to a certain dress code, as well as traits that are harder to pin down but still valuable to being professional in the workplace. Proper dress code makes an impression that the person is presentable as well as professional. The … Even if you decide on a casual approach, it is important to outline appropriateness of dress in the workplace, but remember not to discriminate. This concept is especially relevant when tasked with projects or coaching others in a professional setting. This is true to quite an extent as a majority of organizations from across the world follow such a dress code. A clean and neat professional appearance is an important step in making a good first impression. Comfy sweats and T-shirts can create a relaxed, I-don't-care kind of attitude. The process first began in 2014. First impressions matter. Her articles have appeared for Future Business Leaders of America and in such places as "Pipeline" and the websites EyeOnSoaps and BetterRVing. Show off your professional, fashionable personality while still dressing appropriately for work. As style guru and former What Not to Wear co-host, Stacy London, once put it, “Clothes allow you to see yourself in a different light. 10 Reasons Why You Should Dress For Success Following a specific dress code in the workplace is a common norm that every employee follows.

why is it important to dress professionally at work

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