The humphead wrasse is the largest species of wrasse. Bigger reef fish such as sharks eat the humphead wrasse. It appears to be highly vulnerable to overfishing, especially where an export trade has developed, or where night-fishing occurs using SCUBA gear (dive tanks). Why is the humphead wrasse endangered and what is being done to protect it ? The Humphead wrasse: one of the world’s most endangered coral reef fish, and a delicacy for affluent Chinese diners The scarcity of the fish and its price tag of up to US$850 per kilo has only … My Humps; Endangered, but why? Due to documented declines, the Humphead wrasse was listed as vulnerable in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species in 1996 and later upgraded to endangered (2004). Larger fish may sometimes be taken at night from their resting places where they are easy targets for SCUBA divers. The genomes of the humphead wrasse must be evaluated so as to try to determine a way to help keep the species alive. English language common names are humphead wrasse, blue-tooth groper, double-headed maori wrasse, double-headed parrot-fish, giant humphead wrasse, giant maori wrasse, giant wrasse, humhead wrasse, hump-headed wrasse, humphead, humphead maori wrasse, humphead wrasse, Maori wrasse, Napoleon maori-wrasse, Napoleon wrasse, and Napoleonfish. Established in 1964, the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species has evolved to become the world’s most comprehensive information source on the global conservation status of animal, fungi and plant species. What Humphead Wrasse eat is one of the reasons they are so important to our planet. Donate!!!! Regarding the African elephant, Namibia saw its request for an annual ivory quota rejected, but was allowed to proceed with a strictly-controlled sale of traditional ivory carvings. The humphead wrasse is rated ‘ endangered ’ by the IUCN. Once eaten only by royalty, humphead wrasse are today highly sought after in the luxury food industry of east Asia. Traders of live fish sometimes supply fishers with cyanide. The population saw a more rapid decrease when commercial fisheries began to get involved. Their habitat is in the east coast of Africa an the red sea, which is by Egypt and Saudi Arabia, they are a cool animal and you need to save them. The trade and consumption of this fish has caused it to become an endangered species. Females are whitish and have a smaller hump, and young fish have black lines behind their eyes. He breaks whole corals to find potential prey: snails, shells and sea urchins. It has large scales that can reach up to 10 cm in diameter. Humphead wrasse. This species is rare in the wild and is extremely vulnerable to over-exploitation because of its slow breeding rate and predictable spawning sites. It normally lives independently around coral reefs, but many gather together during the breeding season." Average Weight: over 400 pounds. Who Cares Anyway? 2003). The humphead wrasse is classified as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and is currently listed as a U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service Species of Concern. HUMPHEAD WRASSE ENDANGERED!!! They can eat toxic sea hares and starfish. More recently (1990s onwards) it has come to form an important part of the live reef food fish trade (LRFFT) centred in Southeast Asia, at times commanding over US$500 per kg at retail (e.g. Indeed, as far as we can tell, it is becoming increasingly uncommon. Humphead Wrasse are endangered due to live reef food fish trade, also habitat loss and degradation last over fishing. Recreational anglers may catch Humphead Wrasse incidentally or for sport, but it's illegal to keep them in many countries due to their status as an endangered species. This leads us to the second main reason that the species is almost extinct: trade. The Humphead, Maori or Napoleon (to mention but a few of its many names) wrasse,Cheilinus undulatus, is the largest member of the family Labridae and widely distributed across the reefs of the Indo-Pacific. The humphead is a naturally rare species because the species takes a long time to reach maturity (five to seven years, to be exact), delaying the ammount of time the fish have to spawn. There are two main reasons that the humphead is going extinct: population and trade. The humphead wrasse feeds on the variety the reef has to offer. Humphead wrasse spawn in couples in open water then rise quickly to the surface to release the ova and the spermatozoa.Despite their large size, their are fairly timid, often darting into holes to hide.. The fish exhibits protogynous hermaphroditism. Despite its widespread distribution, adults of the species are nowhere particularly common, except in a few very well and long-protected areas. Most Humphead wrasse in this international trade are less than 50 cm total length, and most are juveniles. Thus, trade in this species is almost exclusively one of small large juveniles, a pattern that will doubtless exacerbate the threatened status of this species because its populations are poorly managed. The humphead wrasse is highly vulnerable to overfishing because it’s a valued luxury food as a part of the live reef fish trade predominant across Southeast Asia. ! It is susceptible to over-exploitation due to its life history, that involves late sexual maturation (sometimes up to 5 years and 35-50 cm total length), long life (over 30 years) and sex reversal from female to male. Which can be invasive species, that with overpopulation will actually destroy coral reefs. Traditionally, the wrasse was fished by hook and line, hand spear (more recently by speargun using SCUBA, or diving tanks) or by trap, depending on fish size. There are two main reasons that the humphead is going extinct: population and trade. For example, though there is an export ban in the Maldives, the illegal export of humpheads still occurs in spite of the protection on the species.

why is the humphead wrasse endangered

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