You can live in a much nicer place with roommates than if you lived by yourself. Having access to extra cash each month is great, but don’t get too attached. Get Help With Your Essay. If both you and your roommate have signed the lease, you may both be equally responsible for paying the entire rent. Sharing of Price . And if you have a tight budget this is the perfect option for you. As there are many disadvantages of cleanliness, some people are very clear about and maintain hygiene and cleanliness, but some don’t want to be clean or don’t want to keep their stuff clean. One of the roommates is always allergic to cleaning … Chances are you’ll come out unscathed whether you have an ideal roommate or a roommate from you-know-where. "I'm pretty fortunate of having Coach Luigi as my roommate because I could ask him not only basketball-related things but his experiences in life," said Maliksi. When you split the rent with a roommate… If you do have different schedules, set some ground rules so you can all respect each other's needs. A landlord who is getting the rent isn't motivated to go to court because of squabbling roommates. Unfortunately, unless you're the child of someone wealthy, you'll likely have roommates … You might be thinking that you’d rather not have a roommate… The benefits of having roommates: Life's cheap. Trust me, I have been there! … Your … If you need assistance … One can enjoy … Living with a friend comes with at least a handful of drawbacks and disadvantages. Everyone will get a chance to taste college life might as well the feeling of having roommates. If you find yourself having this conversation in your head on your first day in the dorms, you’re not alone. 16 disadvantages and drawbacks of living with a friend: Familiarity breeds contempt. … There are hardly any chances of you being lonely. One of my roommates, let's call her Elizabeth, was the one that I really had issues with. If you are considering whether to have a dorm roommate or go solo, you have several factors to consider before making your final choice. Topic: Within roommate and without roommate in university life Thesis Statement: - Living with roommate have more benefits compared to living alone. You can decorate however you want. What is a roommate? Often when living in a dorm. You can share many things from him/her which you can’t share with your mom at 2 am. You get to know … You gain valuable social skills by being around different people. Adjusting to your new dorm life is a whole new adventure, entirely different from home life, and yet in many ways the same. Draft out a chore schedule, and tackle them together. Communicating and coming up with an agreement is important, because certain traits and habits can occur that make for a less-than-ideal roommate … The college experience isn’t just about the course load, exams and lectures -- campus life is part of the equation. Advantages might include sharing living costs and being able to live in a nicer apartment or house because someone’s paying half the rent. I have had the “Great” roommate, the “dirty, those dishes have been soaking for a week, omg is that mold on your food?” roommate and the “slut” roommate (strange men coming in, all hours of the day and night) I live alone now though and I am happier than ever. Remember to try to make the best of the situation, whatever it may be, and have a great time experiencing new and different situations. Some people are considerate while others are completely selfish. Instead, keep it separate and use it for special projects and goals. Unless you have a month-to-month rental agreement, your landlord needs grounds to evict a tenant. Advantages of Residence Life. 3. In most School Hostels, you don’t have the choice of choosing a roommate or even deciding whether to have roommates or not.In contrast, you can choose whether to stay alone or share a room with someone off-campus.. Should I have a roommate in School or not? They can wake you up if you’ve slept in and they know you’re running late. There are many reasons to seek a roommate. There are many disadvantages to having roommates. Disadvantages of having a roommate essay >>> CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE The city planners essay The argumentative essay is the catch-all of essays since you’re almost always making an argument when you write an essay so if you’re not sure where to start,. Roommate is a person who is assigned to share or shares a room or apartment with another or others. Disadvantages of a Roommate . Check out our selection Sharing a room is a good idea but it has advantages and disadvantages as well. Briefly, either by having a roommate or not, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Pros of living alone 1. And these disadvantages are so obscure that you just would possibly end up having a really uncomfortable dwelling atmosphere. If you’re looking for a new roommate and suddenly get the “brilliant” idea of living with a friend, think again! Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: November 27, 2010. This … Living in an apartment means not having to worry about property taxes or a mortgage. 12. Renters who opt to have a roommate, essentially cut their rent in half if they opt to have one roommate or in thirds if they opt to have two roommates… Some people thought having a roommate is such a nuisance or troublesome. Some people party hard while others would prefer to relax in a tranquil atmosphere. When roommates have conflicting schedules, either from work or just their lifestyle, tensions can arise. Having an additional set of hands to help with cleaning and household chores is a great benefit of having a roommate. The Disadvantages of Apartment Living. Does not matter if it has to deal with moving out, moving into a dorm for college, or even renting an apartment.
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