Supplied guests with extra towels and other toiletries as needed. Dusted surfaces and vacuumed floors Stock supply cart Maintained a clean and safe environment Maintained cleanliness of hotel rooms and lobby area Collaborated with maintenance and housekeeping to Improve guest service.. Cleaned assigned rooms, inspected rooms after roomattendants, guest service, assist management when need with extra assignments. Cleaned, dusted, polished and vacuumed to make sure guest rooms and bathrooms meet hotel standards. Used a dry-run cart to refill c-folds, soap, toilet paper, and change trash. In addition, she may be expected to help guests with basic information, such as information about the room, the property, the neighborhood, and other neighboring attractions. Stocked living area and restroom supplies: paper towels, toilet paper, and soap. Prepared rooms and common areas for arriving guests, ensuring proper health standards were met. Cleaned and sanitized equipment, utensils, kitchen equipment, and vehicles. Emptied all waste receptacles in public spaces. Empty trash Demonstrated expertise in security, money handling, customer service, and accuracy. Stocked and maintained Housekeeping carts and storage rooms. Welcomed and responded to all guest service needs and questions. A housekeeping room attendant promotes a positive image of the property to guests, and must be pleasant, friendly and able to address problems or special requests. Accommodated guests' requests for extra towels and toiletries. Managed and maintained bag room which included over 300 golf bags and sets of clubs. Dusted and polished furniture and equipment, maintained storage areas and carts well stocked, clean and tidy. Distributed linen, towels, and other room supplies as needed. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Tool Room Attendant. All of the above and a strong stomach. Followed OSHA regulation by maintaining a professional and orderly janitor closet. Room Service Attendant Resume. Acknowledged and greets guests in public spaces with a warm, friendly greeting. Deliver housekeeping items. Skills : Retail, Customer service, Suggestive selling. Cleaned and maintain all areas in the hotel, used special tools to mop, sweep, polish floors. Cleaned guest rooms following departure and stay over nights For example, a person must have a firm understanding on how to clean a room, including making a bed neatly and crisply. Many employers want to see candidates with a stronger set of soft skills, such as communication, problem solving, and work ethic. restocking. Assigned rooms must be stripped of dirty linen, trash removed. Cleaned and returned vacant rooms to occupant ready status. Followed all company safety and security procedures Maintained outstanding customer service as company standards, generated sales, assisted with merchandising, and safeguarding company assets. Cleaned rooms, and restrooms to ensure that health standards were met Cleaned guest rooms as assigned; including but not limited to making beds, cleaning bathrooms, dusting and vacuuming. Attended to public spaces, interacting with guests and ensuring a clean environment. Housekeeping Room Attendant (NOC 6661) Job Definition1: A (housekeeping room attendant) is responsible for cleaning the rooms of hotels, motels and resorts. Resolved service-related problems in a timely manner. Informed supervisor of any safety hazards. Cleaned furnishing, floors and windows using vacuum cleaners, mops, and brooms. Supplied rooms with fresh towels, changed bed linens, vacuumed floors, dust furniture. Cleaned motel rooms, washed dried and folded laundry, Cleaned stock room, ran front office, managed register. Reported all maintenance issues Arranged amenities for guests needs-Report maintenance issues-Clean guest's rooms and common areas including scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming, dusting. Learned how to supervise as a senior HK and learned skills that required communication with maintenance and front office personnel. Ensured the safety of the weight room by enforcing weight room regulations and maintaining equipment and supplies, Ensured that weight room policies and procedures were enforced* Served as shift supervisor to two other employees. Resource for visitors and answered questions and problems that occurred, Maintained clean rooms and safe environment for hotel guest Able to communicate effectively with both internal and external customers. Wiped, dusted and polished furniture Stripped and changed bed linens. Changed and replenished bed linens, towels, and guest amenities upon request. Provided the comfort of guests in hotels by ensuring that guest rooms and public areas are clean and properly presented. Are you a Room Attendant looking to grow your skills and experience with one the world’s top hotel brands? Is there a demand for Room Attendant skills in South Africa? Performed cleaning duties for all assigned rooms Acted as a liaison that coordinated the efforts of Housekeeping, Engineering, Front Office, and Laundry. Investigated all guest inquiries in a timely fashion to provide the highest possible service. Performed various tasks pertaining to upkeep, maintenance and care of hotel rooms and guest service. Performed cleaning duties to maintain hotel rooms in a clean orderly manner including common areas and the preparation of vacant rooms. Arrived promptly Maintained clean, orderly, and attractive Guest rooms while following Company standards and safety/security procedures. Created gifts for VIP guests staying at Hotel Emma. Among many other duties, he or she dusts furniture, vacuums floors, scrubs bathrooms, and changes bedding. Particularly adept at getting along with others and making people feel comfortable. Replenished guest rooms and baths with amenities, supplies, and linen and terry in accordance to standards. restocking bathroom supplies and disposing garbage. Maintained Public Areas including Lobby and Public Restrooms. Hotel room attendant Alternative titles for this job include . If you're looking for a job in cabin crew, here's a list of the top you qualities you must possess to set yourself apart from the competition. Inspected rooms for safety hazards and for the operating condition. Cleaned and maintained hotel rooms including changing linen, vacuuming floors, Contributed to the facility's high standards for guest services, overall responsibilities consist of cleaning and maintaining guest rooms. Filled and back filled production requirements; expedited stock room items directly to the production floor to fill any back orders. Other duties as assigned, Provided information to guests about hotel services, facilities and other amenities. For example, 27.4% of Room Attendant resumes contained Guest Rooms as a skill. Requirements to hire or to get hired as a FT Room Attendant. Followed all safety and sanitation policies when handling dish ware to uphold proper health standards. Performed the duties of bag room attendant. to. Maintained a high level of customer service through timely room service and caring for the individual needs of the hotel guests. Ensured the procedures concerning the entering, occupying and exiting of guest rooms is adhered to at all times. Assisted in developing a customer service program and standard operation procedures for a newly renovated restaurant. It is also important that a room attendant possess good customer service skills, such as friendliness, honesty, and the ability to communicate. Ensure patient satisfaction with their room accommodations. Stripped, removed and disinfected room removing all dirty linens from room and cart. For example, an attendant may need to lift furniture, push a heavy stock cart, reach high shelving, bend under desks, and pull bulky vacuums through long hallways. Want to save up to 30% on your monthly bills? Reported maintenance issues to the proper authority, checked for quality of linens in each room and resupplied them as needed. Listed maintenance issues in rooms needing worked on. Maintained list of vacant rooms that Cleaned guest rooms* Reported maintenance problems* Responded to guest service needs. Room attendants are to be part of a team tasked with tending to our facilities with great care, integrity, and attention to detail. High-energy Hotel Room Attendant focused on promoting customer satisfaction through exceptional service and maintaining outstanding hotel accommodations. Changed linen Cleaned shoes and clubs for numerous members Managed business in both locker room and bag room Interacted and provided service to members, Organized and managed the bag room system Cleaned and organized the pro shop Maintained professional appearance of course equipment and course features, Cleaned golf clubs and carts Clean elevators * Counted and balanced slot machines and game tables. Skills: Maintain designated minutes per room. Maxine is able to clean rooms and replenish amenities to deliver an excellent guest experience whilst at the same time managing guest requests in a timely manner. Processed all casino funds including slot machines, table games, food and beverages. Cleaned 12 rooms daily by stripping rooms of all dirty linen and garbage. Cleaned lobby, front porch and front office on assigned days. Assisted and provided a safe environment for students to work out. He or she also restocks guest rooms with towels and other amenities on a daily basis to ensure visitors have everything they need. Prepared tags for items and stored the property by serial number in designated storage areas. Complying with all relevant Health and Safety standards. Cut and spliced wires and used electric wire tape. Provided dedicated professional customer services at all times. Maintained stock room and delivered items to guests.Aided housekeepers in performing various job assignments. Executed training for new employees Opened and closed weight room in accordance with posted schedule. Removed and accounted for all funds from Slot machines and Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Room Attendant. Maintained cleanliness and presentation of bag room and cart setup area. Completed work assignment sheets, recorded occupancy status, reported maintenance issues or lost and found items to management. Assisted, Acknowledge and greeted guests in public spaces with warmth and friendliness. Packed finished product assembly for shipment and transported them to storage areas, using hoists and hand trucks. Ensured the cleanliness of guest rooms, hallways, and public areas in the hotel. Changed bed linens and collected any laundry. Cleaned facilities* Provided excellent customer service* Opened up costume packages for customers* Ensured no merchandise was stolen. Follow cleaning procedures in the company systematic fashion. Kepted storage areas and carts well stocked and tidy. Room attendant promotes a positive image of the property to guests and must be pleasant, honest, friendly and should also able to address guest requests and problems. * Cleaned the practice range, Assisted members and scheduled appointments Answered inquiries pertaining to hotel services, registration of guests, and shopping, dining, entertainment, and travel directions. Room attendant responsibilities include changing towels, making beds and cleaning bathrooms. Replaced dirty bed linens with clean linen. Checked room to verify status of guest and cleaned and stock rooms for stay over and new guest. Additional Occupational Information2: A housekeeping room attendant: promotes a positive image of the property for which he/she works, interacts with guests in a positive and hospitable manner, - Built relationships with Members and Staff. Performed customer service, Maintained a clean safe environment in general areas: Maintained the bag room and outside golf area. Cleaned rooms, hallways, lobbies, restrooms, and lounges according to company standards. Helpline. Responsible for opening, closing bag room and formulating work schedules. Sharpened communication skills talking with and assisting members. Washed dishes, pots, pans and kitchen equipment when assigned tasks are finished. Cleaned up rooms, mop floors, and also did laundry. You will also address clients’ queries and make sure our rooms are fully-stocked, clean and inviting at all times. Maintained kitchen cleanliness, utilized kitchen equipment for washing/cleaning Provided exemplary customer service by putting the customer first and listening to and anticipating customer needs. Stripped /changed bed linens, and made beds using hotel developed methods. Cleaned public areas, such as entrances, halls and laundry rooms. Maintained neat and clean cart, equipment, storage rooms, and supplies. If one room is extremely dirty, she may need to communicate with a supervisor so that additional help can be giving to ensure that the room is ready on time. Cleaned and maintained rooms for customers/company satisfaction, trained and assisted other housekeepers to performcompany standards. Provided guests with a good feeling about their stay by responding special guest requests in friendly and efficient manner. Received OSHA training including universal precautions and performed procedures by aseptic techniques. Kepted storage areas and carts well-stocked, clean, and tidy. Experience in an aircraft maintenance and modification environment. - cleaned vacant rooms for guest arrival Reported any maintenance issues or safety hazards. Cleaned floors in used locker rooms and around arena. Emptied wastebaskets, emptied and cleaned ashtrays, and transported other trash and waste to disposal areas. Cleaned public areas; helped clean guests rooms and assisted in breakfast room and clean-up. Cleaned rooms and bathrooms accessories such as bathtub,mirrors,tiles toilets sinks,walls,cpunters and floor surfaces. Enforced guest service, established procedures for rooms control with the housekeeping, front office and engineering department. Supervised all staff on daily housekeeping activities such as cleaning guest rooms, sterilizing facilities and disposing waste. Clean public restrooms There is still a demand for Room Attendant in South Africa. Collected trash and dirty linen as well as distributing clean linen and empty trash carts to all floors. Maintained the golf bag room, cart fleet, and driving range. Received multi customer satisfaction awards from management In addition to specific knowledge on cleaning, general skills that a room attendant should possess include physical strength, good communicate skills, a friendly and honest personality, and excellent time management skills. Replenished supplies including linens and bathroom items. Dusted furniture, equipment, window sills, and surfaces and damp wiped same with germicidal disinfectant. Reported to housekeeping supervisor/ manager any room damage or need for additional cleaning or room supplies. Followed all safety and OSHA regulations and other applicable state and local regulations. Inspected and evaluated over 200 rooms for maintenance issues. Objective : Looking forward to start a new career in customer service. An energetic and physically fit Room Attendant who has a keen understanding of hygiene, cleaning and customer service. Attended public spaces areas such as polishing elevator tracks, cleaning restroom, and mopping floors. Dust furniture Cleaned, dusted, waxed, scrubbed, polished and serviced guest rooms daily in accordance with hotel procedures. Cleaned floors using vacuum cleaners, mop cloths and cleaning chemicals.Cleaned and sanitized bathrooms. Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work. Vacuumed, dust and changing of bed linens.I also cleaned bathrooms and cleared the room of all trash. Organized and hardworking with commitment to finishing tasks on time while exceeding expectations. A room attendant is responsible for making sure guest rooms, hallways, and common areas at a motel or hotel are kept clean and safe. Organized cases in stock room and restocked tasting room. Replaced light bulbs and repair fixtures. Prepared food and completed orders in a timely fashion. For example, she may be expected to greet guests in the hallways, in elevators, and even in their rooms in a positive manner. Expert … Cleaned guest rooms changing the linens and making beds properly, cleaned baths, floors and basins. Dusted all furniture, pictures, drawers, window ledges, and shelves, etc. Reported maintenance problems and lost and found articles. Making a bed neatly is a skill required as a room attendant. Ensured the safety of weight room participants and maintained a sanitary environment in the weight room. Cleaned lobby, swept mopped floors, disposed of litter and debris and informed supervisor of all safety hazards. Utilized excellent communication and organizational skills to maximize customer satisfaction. Assisted concierge fulfilling special requests from guests. You will also address clients’ queries and make sure our rooms are fully-stocked, clean and inviting at all times. Collected and replenished all dirty linens for clean linens forthw guest. Room attendant responsibilities include changing towels, making beds and cleaning bathrooms. Established positive customer service relations. Housekeeping isn't an easy job, and not everyone is cut out for it. cleaner.Stocked room attendant carts with supplies. Cleaned rooms, hallways, lobbies, lounges, restrooms, and other work areas so that health standards were met. Cleaned and sanitized counter tops, work and storage areas. Issued PO's, Negotiated Pricing, Made sure stock room bins was full. In many cases, an employer will expect a room attendant to present guests and visitors with clean living areas and public areas. Maintained the cleanliness of hotel rooms and a safe environment for all customers. The attendant may check back later to remove the cart. Maintained golf range, golf carts and bag room. Sanitized bathroom FT Room Attendant tasks and skills. Dusted and wiped clean furniture, fixtures, window sills, wall hangings and fixtures. Dee is a freelance writer based in Colorado. Assisted members with their golf bags from the bag roomAttended to the driving range, re-filling and picking balls, Assisted Club Members on the golf course and in the bag room Hotel room attendants make sure that hotel rooms are clean, tidy and inviting for guests. Watched weight room and made sure the customers were using equipment appropriately and safely. Cleaned, disposed of litter and debris, and informed supervisor of potential safety hazards. Recorded status of assigned area and reported maintenance problems. Performed routine cleanings of patient rooms and public areas Observed precautions required to protect hotel and guest property. Cleaned guest rooms, assisted guests with special requests. Cleaned rugs, carpets, upholstered furniture, and/or draperies, using vacuum cleaners and/or shampooers. Cleaned vacant rooms thoroughly in a timely matter. Organized and managed stock room. Cleaned patients room bathroom mop floors when needed dust move furniture clean windows stalk paper towels and toilet paper in restrooms, Cleaned and restocked bathrooms, dust furniture, wet and dry mop floors, vacuumed, trash removal and detail cleaning. These skills and requirements are just as likely to be mentioned by employers as well as on resumes of people that held a position as a Room Attendant, suggesting that having these keywords on a resume are important for success as a Room Attendant. Maintained the weight room cleanliness and organized. Learned and developed the skills necessary to clean guest rooms and other areas to brand standards. Changed linen.Replenished supplies such as drinking glasses, linens, writing supplies and bathroom items.Maintained storage areas and carts. Worked within OSHA standards regarding cleaning materials and proper disposal requirements. Provided customer service to customers by providing a quality experience within the winery. You could work early mornings on shifts. Folded the towels and washcloths according to hotel policy and fixed the toilet paper with a bow so it looked neat. A social, hard working dedicated person look forward to whoever hires. tools, equipment, and storage areas in order to ensur compliance with safety regulations. in English Literature, as well as Room Attendant Responsibilities: Greeting guests and responding to queries. The hotel room attendant is responsible for replacing towels and changing bed linens, as well as performing general cleaning of all surfaces in the hotel. Dusted furniture, vacuumed floors, scrubbed and sanitized bathrooms, changed bed linens. Used tools such as carpet cleaning equipment, hand sprayers, vacuum cleaners and brooms. Worked dawn-to dusk hours as bag room attendant, shop and grounds worker, caddy. Responded to special guest requests in a timely, friendly and efficient manner. Cleaned bathrooms, removed trash, dirty linen, and room service items. Followed sustainability guidelines to work safely using OSHA standards. Dusted all furniture, pictures, drawers, window ledges, and shelves thoroughly. Packaged and packed materials in stockroom for customer delivery Maintained order in storage rooms and stocking carts. Assisted Maintained a friendly and hospitable environment. Table games. Provided hotel residences with quality customer service. Average salary (a year) £11,500 Starter. Retrieved cash and tickets from slot machines, strapped cash, and opened cash boxes. Guest room attendants are responsible for ensuring a comfortable and clean environment by removing all trash and dirty linen from guestrooms and hallways. Time management typically is an important skill for a room attendant as well. Supplied guests with toiletries and extra towels as requested. Demonstrated excellent communication skills, organizational skills, and proper etiquette to all guests and staff members. Worked 24 hours a week as a full-time student while honing time management, communication skills, and negotiation strategies. Stocked cart with guest room supplies at beginning of shift. Demonstrated the highest level of guest service and attention to detail. Candidates +91 - 88000 - 55555 Monday- Saturday 9 AM to 6 PM; Training Partners 1800-123-9626 Monday- Saturday 9 AM to 6 PM; AEBAS 011 - 47451615 (Ext - 752) 011 - 47451616 (Ext - 763) Monday- Friday 9 AM to 6 PM Removed trash and dirty linens from residents rooms. Assisted employees and visitors with inquiries/questions concerning hospital departments and locations to ensure superiors customer service. Utilized various cleaning chemicals and disinfectants, housekeepers wipe equipment, clean furniture, polish floors and vacuum carpets. Changing bed linen and making beds. Delivered special guest items such as cribs to guest rooms.Swept and vacuumed floors hallways and stairwells. Used various cleaning chemicals and disinfectants, housekeepers wipe equipment, clean furniture, polish floors and vacuum carpets. Emptied wastebaskets, emptied and clean ashtrays. Removed trash and dirty linens from room attendant carts.Swept and vacuumed floors, hallways and stairwells. Pulled trash and assisted houseman with dirty linen. For example, fingerprints on television screens, mirrors, and windows may need to be removed. Cleaned and returned vacant rooms to occupant-ready status to the satisfaction of all clients. Cleaned rugs, carpets, upholstered furniture, and draperies, using vacuum cleaners and shampooers. Received and stored shipping materials in stockroom Changed bed linens and towels, made beds, vacuumed, dusted, and polished furniture. Reported any damage, maintenance problems, safety issues, and potential hazards to management. Stocked and cleaned storage areas as needed. Maintained a clean and comfortable environment Acknowledged and greeted guests in public areas while working throughout the hotel. Pulled and replaced cash box into slot machines Overlooked weight room to attend to and ensure safety of patrons. Maintained clean and safe environment, including in the kitchen, restaurant floor, and employee break room. However, you should note that any job can easily become redundant in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Desired Skills: Prior experience as a tool room attendant. Sometimes help inspect rooms. Cleaned bathtubs, showers,sinks and bathroom items. Involved a strict adherence to company standards, teamwork, and the ability to maintain Duties; Performing all cleaning tasks as instructed by the Head Housekeeper, Deputy Head Housekeeper and Supervisor. a law degree. Performed opening and closing procedure for the bag room, golf cart storage, and driving range. Replaced soiled lines, vacuum carpet, sweep and mop floors, scrub and polish as necessary, dust entire room. Promoted a positive image of the property to guests. Maintained the bag room by keeping it clean and organizing the golf bags in the proper order. Cleaned hotel rooms, kitchen, bathroom, and lobby including dusting, vacuuming, changing of the bed linens. Cleaned and sanitized guest rooms, changed linen, dust, vacuumed, and emptied waste baskets. Examples of FT Room Attendant job descriptions from real companies. Maintained clear and accurate records of all communications between doctors and families. Emptied waste baskets and transported other trash and waste to disposal areas. Cleaned bathrooms, made beds and remove trash from rooms She has a B.A. Dusted and wiped clean furniture, fixtures, paneling, window sills, glass tops, wall hangings and fixtures. Prepared correspondence and written communication. Cleaned and polished furniture and fixtures, dust furniture, walls or equipment. Room attendants clean, tidy and prepare hotel rooms, while respecting guests’ privacy and their belongings. Retrieved all cash and tickets from slot machines and table games, counted all currency, coins and ticket vouchers. Hard-working and responsible individual with extensive experience in the service industry leading to skills beneficial to the position of Room Attendant. Additionally, employer Room Attendant job descriptions list Guest Service as a desirable experience, even though Guest Service appears 2.82 … Inspected rooms for repairs or fixtures that are not working properly; replaced batteries, light bulbs, etc. When cleaning bathrooms, the shower curtains may need to be washed and replaced. Assisted customers in person and provided excellent customer service. Dusted light bulbs, head boards, desk tops, counter tops, lamp shades. Maintained public areas of property, park vehicles in and organized conditions. Room Attendant Job Summary. Cleaned and maintained supplies, tools and storage areas to ensure compliance with safety regulations distributed quest amenities (Sheraton). Cleaned and sanitized 16 rooms and bathrooms daily according to company standards. All the Roles & Responsibilities found in The Fred Hotel Room Attendant, Housepersons and the Laundry Attendant plus the following: Lead, train and supervise Room Attendants, House Persons and Laundry Attendants at the hotel to ensure all rooms and public areas meet … - customer service Cleaned house beginning upstairs in the master bathroom, cob webbing, empty trash, clean blinds fans, walls. If you’re interesting in kickstarting your career in the hotel industry, we’d like to meet you. Cleaned and returned vacant rooms to occupant-ready status.Replenished hotel amenities such as drinking glasses and writing supplies. Cleaned assigned guest rooms in accordance with Company standards and ensures public areas are clean. Monitored inventory of supplies such as paper towels, soap, toilet paper, disinfectant sprays, and toilet bowl cleaner. Ensured that meals and drink orders were delivered and placed in a timely fashion. Served meals and supervised students in the lunch room. Let's find out what skills a Room Attendant actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.
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