Essentially, when the plant is first brought indoors, it has to adapt to vastly different growing conditions: a more stable temperature, lower air humidity and, especially, a severe drop in light levels. If blooming indoors, it requires a window with direct light, facing West or South. If the stems are dry and woody then you may well have lost them. Hi Cary All the best They were looking great in my basement though the result of the 25 plants were a bit uneven. Most modern composts don’t need any additional drainage material added as they are designed for general use. But something is eating holes in the leaves. Position in hole and backfill with potting mix, gently firming down. hoose a pot at least 600mm wide. I’m seeing some yellow leaves near the bottom of the plants, and brown spots on the petals of the blooms. Reply. But the new leaves are very small and not increasing in size, about one inch. We watched … and watched … and watched … as about half of them keeled over and dropped down dead. My geranium is in a pot and only grows a few leaves with a long stem. We have been getting lots of rain here, it it very humid but it is in a pot that drains. Before growing geraniums, identify whether you want annual or perennial. It may be a zonal pelargonium which grows faster but the underside of the leaves yellow naturally before they die and fall off. Geraniums do best when given a period of dormancy through the winter months, during which they use less water and do not grow much. All the best That has now been planted and is beautiful in its new pot, however….it is just growing taller and taller and getting very lanky. Find a balanced feed with additional magnesium & that should help. As we chatted away, a few interesting questions came up as we looked through their collection of geraniums – some were doing very well and looked very happy and sadly some looked like they were struggling somewhat. it could be that the compost they’re growing in is lacking some nutrients, this would cause an imbalance and the plants will develop poorly. I’ve sprayed many times, but can’t seem to get rid of them. Popular species to grow in the South include Pelargonium cordifolium, or heartleaf geranium; P. x hortorum, also called common geranium or garden geranium; and P. peltatum, or ivy geranium. Hi Coleen, The plants we know as "geraniums" aren't actually geraniums. Geranium flowers, as we know them, are flowers used in annual borders and pots. I live in San Antonio,Tx where it has been in the 100’s with high humidity for weeks now. Graham. They also need indoor temps of around 65-70 degrees F. (18-21 C.) during the day and 55 degrees F. … They handle nighttime temperatures of around 60 degrees during the blooming season. Bloom is now same color as the leaves. I live in Kansas City, MO and have to spray with BT to get rid of the bud worms on my geraniums and petunias. Graham, Mr. Ward I have a geranium that is about 3yrs old up until recently it has been full, beautiful and growing. How much sun do they need? or am I doing something else wrong? American growers first fell in love with the geranium flower over 200 years ago, and its not hard to see why. My true vining geraniums are fine. Any idea what is wrong? Any advise on what to use? Graham. All the best Many flowering plants benefit from being allowed to fill their pots and even become a little root bound. When a flowers wilts in the hot sun, I think it needs water so I water it more. A few are not. Graham, I purchased a lovely burgundy colored pelargonium vancouver centennial, but its leaves never turned dark, it flowers regularly and gives new leaves constantly but leaves are just green and very pale brown, what can I do to get more saturated leaf color (tried 18-6-12 fertiliser, magnesium sulfate, iron sulfate, banana peels, egg shells, full sun, half sun, but same leaf color till now). This tender annual does require some care throughout the growing season. it could be that the compost they’re growing in is lacking some nutrient and is possibly high in nitrogen too, this would cause an imbalance and promote leafy growth at the expense of blooms. They’re a great choice for planting at the front of mixed borders or under trees and shrubs. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Hi Judith, Well the straight answer is yes … but that wouldn’t make much of a newsletter so I’ll expand (and as you might have gathered if you read my newsletters regularly … I can rabbit on about geraniums at great length!). It’s very hard say what the problem is without seeing it. Graham. Q. I don’t want to touch it if all I need to do is support the weight. Cut a 4 to 6 inch portion of a green stem just above a node (the part of a stem from which … At this time of the year when we move plants from greenhouses to outdoors they can have a bit ‘shock’ at the change in temperature and losing a few leaves is nothing to worry about. Firstly, I’ll talk about changing the compost as that ties in with the question above about sickly plants. It may well be that it’s a bit slower to shoot that Rozanne so I would give it a bit more time to wake up – it’s still early after all! I have two containers, west-facing in which I planted geraniums with calibrachoa and potato vines. At a pH below 5.8, zonals and floribunda geraniums are susceptible to iron and manganese toxicity which exhibits as brown spots beginning along the edges of the leaves. All the best If the roots are pretty much nonexistent then I’m afraid that would suggest something has got into the soil and eaten the roots. What is the best time of year to prune and repot? The center of each flower dies, the rest of each bloom looks healthy??? Hi Carmen, Also, avoid feeding nitrogen rich fertilizer during the summer months as this will encourage leafy growth. Do not fertilize for the rest of the growing season. If they have had a shock then this will often delay their growth. While zonal types of geraniums thrive on sun and hear, ivy and regal types of geraniums stop blooming when subjected to the extremely high temperatures typical of hot sunny afternoons in warm climates. What happened that it suddenly began growing straight up? Geraniums will grow in any soil as long as it is not waterlogged. The choice of compost is very important and you should always go for a general purpose compost – if you have a favourite with a good success rate then I’d always say stick with it. Don’t be afraid – it needs to be done sooner rather than later if it is getting that tall. The best time to take a cutting is around autumn before the temperatures drop. The nursery wants to do soil samples. plants to make them grow in a compact manner. If you do get some to root, then make sure that you pinch them out at a much younger stage when they are around 15-20cm tall. If so – this is perfectly normal. What can I do please ? Welcome to my blog! My two year old geraniums are all flower and very little leaves. Mulching annually with leaf mould or well-rotted compost or horse manure will keep plants growing well for several years. I hope this helps Make a long story short, we had a very cold spring here in Rochester NY this year and finally when I planted them it was truly 90 degrees. I so appreciate your knowledgeable response. They are planted in organic potting mix, and I mixed in some perlite and Osmocote (14-14-14) at planting time. Rozanne is not known to be bothered by insects or disease. I may have watered them too much. Some years ago at the nursery a compost salesman (I’m sure that wasn’t his job title!) Cut away any sickly or rotting stems from the main plant and re pot it into a large container, that way any new shoots will have room to grow out. How to Grow Geraniums. Live and learn. Its a good habit to lift the pot before and after watering to feel its weight. The reasons for geraniums not flowering are because of damp soil, too much shade, cold temperatures and high nitrogen fertilizer. I did repot in West+ multipurpose which my other geraniums seem to be enjoying with their weekly liquid feed. Best wishes You can cut them back a little if they are looking straggly. Hi Jean, sometimes there’s more going on below the surface than above, I expect your plugs were putting on root growth to support the expected top growth, which, with the better weather, will start to show itself very soon, if it hasn’t already! The best time to take a cutting is around autumn before the temperatures drop. My mom has a 5+ year old geranium that desperately needs care. I am also wondering if the seaweed helped lead to the edema problem as I know seaweed helps things to retain moisture (even human skin!). Make sure there is plenty of air getting around the stems too, to help prevent any mould building up, as they are prone to this. Their brilliant blooms give them their most attractive feature, and it doesn't take too much care to help the blooms appear. All the best I hope this helps Allow the compost to dry out until it is barely moist, and then aim to keep it this way by watering little and often. Is this true? I have just taken it out of its pot to find several small white grubs (about 5-7mm long) between 2=5 cm down in the compost. As we head towards the long weekend of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations it’s a great time to get the garden looking its best and to have a review of all our plants to make sure they are happy too! Until this spring it was doing fine. If your Geranium is suffering from this then you may find this article useful: Do I just take 1/2 of the plant out and go up about half way from the dirt?? Geraniums are quite tough plants so they should survive perfectly ok. Any thoughts. All the best Hello How is it geraniums can have leaf and flower growth on what appear to be deaa hollow stems ? So over time the compost becomes compacted and crushed down and also through the constant watering which is needed to keep the plant alive, the compost tightens down. Even when you do manage to get a plant to recover you should always take the opportunity to review your general growing conditions and watering as there might be something in the general care that is slightly amiss. I think they are just plain tired. All the best Can I Save My Geraniums So They Will Come Back Next Year? Locate your geraniums in an area with at least six to eight hours of sunlight. I remember it being such a beautiful plant. This variety should be completely hardy here in the UK so that hopefully isn’t an issue. The two most common problems when geraniums are not blooming well are too little light or too much fertilizer. It might be a good idea to try rooting a few more cuttings from the original plant too. It’s normal to take cuttings from geraniums above the ground. I rooted it in water…successfully!!!!!! Obviously the stem will become weak over time and eventually collapse, the same as trees falling over, also be careful of disease getting into the hollow stems if you prune them. The T&M blog has a wealth of knowledgeable contributors. Sue. It is very hot and humid. what can I do to bring them back to life?Thank you, Hi Carl, I would recommend a liquid feed when you need to water them, don’t overdo it though as you could end up with an abundance of leaves and no flowers, water sparingly too! Sue. They also have good drainage.I have grown geraniums for quiet a few years with success and cannot understand what the problem is. I would suggest that you let the compost dry out a little if it is feeling too wet. It might not do much this year but if you allow the new growth to carry on growing then hopefully the plant will be much stronger next year. It is believed that many hybrid geraniums will not flower well at a pH below 5.5. Sue, Thank you Sue!! If this occurs then you would be best to dispose of the plants and soil in which they are growing (if growing in pots). So interesting what plants can do! I hope this helps you. The larvae nibble the roots of plants and cause them to fail very suddenly. The last thing I feel this plant needs is more moisture! The Regal’s Ideal Climate . Pelargoniums enjoy a sunny spot, though no scorching hot, with a free draining soil. How much bigger should the pot be? Take a cutting of about 4″ in height from a new shoot that hasn’t flowered. Sue. All the best That sounds like it could be a magnesium deficiency in the compost, it’s usually what helps plants retain their vigour and colour! I shall be very surprised if you don't get flowers this year-all plants want to flower to set seed-that is what they are in it for. All the best. I have one growing straight up as well! Without any doubt, giving your plant a regular feed of fertiliser will significantly increase the number of flowers you get. All the best All you need are a few simple geranium flower care tips. Just this week, I noticed that some of the plants have leaves that are shriveling and turning brown. Not too brown mind, I attempted to remove some of the soil and half the roots just ended up falling off. Geraniums fail to flower when they have inadequate fertilizer, light or water. I planted a few pink geraniums near to blue geraniums.The blue ones are disappearing being over taken by the pink ones.Why is this? Bought a beautiful blue geranium. My Geraniums Won't Bloom Let There Be Light. Geraniums work well as both container plants and as border plants in the garden. Hi I planted some geraniums in pots but have put too many in each pot and they are now starting to flower can I still move some into other pots or will this kill them. I have potted geraniums that receive a lot of light but not direct sun. A weakly growing plant doesn’t necessarily indicate that it is diseased – it is often caused by poor growing conditions. Geraniums grow outdoors in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 and 11, but they're often grown as houseplants or annuals in other zones. I’ve had Voles eat roots before, but never anything like this. I have several and most are doing very well. After waiting all summer with bated breath, my Geranium plant failed to bloom. They have done well, now some of the leaves have brown on the back of some of the leaves. However, they have gotten quite tall and are branching out so much so that it has become top heavy and seems to have toppled over loosening the base. This is a great question. But please do this with caution as I’d hate to be the cause of you ruining your display! It wasn’t a clean cut but not a mangled mess either. South and west exposures are usually best. This geranium is etiolating a bit (notice the amount of bare stem between the leaves), so not quite getting the light it wants, but it’s still able to bloom. Now, half the buds are shrunken and brown. I started it from seed, took good care of it, then planted it outside after all risk of frost had passed. Switch to a potassium rich feed such as Chempak High Potash Feed. Pots must have drainage holes in them so that they are not sitting in puddles of water – as before, they need oxygen around their roots and this is why overwatering can kill the plant – the poor thing can’t breathe! What causes that? I’ve cleaned out yellowed leaves at the bottom (only) of the plants so they can breathe. Graham. The best spot for them is in a well-drained garden bed. :/ It’s a tall stalk basically with long “branches (that have one leaf at the end) coming off of the main stalk every 1-2” for the entire height of the plant. Either bring the entire container indoors in the fall and place it in a sunny window or if you are growing geraniums in your garden, carefully dig up the plant, place in a container that is large enough to accommodate the roots and then prune the plant back to about 6 inches. There are worse things. All the other plants are happily growing although not necessarily flowering but my prized Geranium is not happy. Since we have had quiet a bit of rain I have not watered them and the soil is moist. Sue, Hi, Geranium is known to be a sun-loving plant that requires about 6 hours of full sun exposure every day.
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