FGHT2134KB7, FFHS2322MB2, FGHT2144KF3, FPHS2387KF6, True 27in (19 cu. FFHS2313LEB, FGHS2365KF5, FRS23F5AW2, FGHT2146KF0, FRS23H5ASB3, FRS23KF5CS2, CRSE234FW2, 240326203 Frigidaire Refrigerator Dairy Door. CFHT1842LS4, DFHS2313MFCA, FRS23HF5AW2, CRSH232PW6, CFHT1842LS6, CRTE187ES6, CRT18CDMB1, DGHT2144KF3, FRS23F5AQ4, FGHS2334KB0, FGHT1834KW6, CFHT1843PS0, FFHS2322MQ1, DFHS2313MF5, CRT188HLQ4, CFHT1842LS7, FFHS2311LQ3, FFHS2322MS0, FFHS2311LB8, $52.95 Ex Tax: $48.14 FFHS2313LE8, CRSE234FSM2, FFHS2322MW4, FRS23H5ASB1, CRT216HLW1, FGHT1834KQ1, FGUI1849LE2, FGHS2368LP3, CRSH238MB3, FPHI1887KF0, CGHT1846MP4, FGHS2368LP1, This part works with the following brands: Frigidaire, White Westinghouse, Kelvinator, Gibson, Kenmore, Sears, Tappan, & Electrolux. DFHT1843MW7, CRTE187EW2, FGHT1834KQ8, FGHT2134KW4, CRT188HLB4, FRS23H7CSB4, CRTE187EW6, DFHT1843PS0, CRT216HLS7, Clear, molded plastic. FGHT2146KF2, FGHT2134KW0, FFHS2311LWC, FGHT2144KF6, BRT217TGW0, FRS23H7CQ0, CGHT1846PF0, BLRT86TEW2, FGHS2344KF0, FGHS2368LE2, CRSH232PS0, CFHT1842PS1, FGHT1844KF6, FFHS2311LBA, CFHT1842LS1, CRSE234FSM3, (1) GE Refrigerator White with Blue Grey Strip Trim Piece for Dairy Door 162D3693 PT 2 ( WR22X383) for TFX25KR. CRT188HLB4, FPHS2399KF2, CRSH232PW6, CCV17RFLW1, CRT216HLQ1, FGHT1834KB3, CRT216HLB3, FRS23F4DB4, FRS23F5AQ1, FFHS2322MW8, FGHT1834KQ3, DFHS2313MF6, CRSH237LS2, CRSH232PS1, CRSH232PB3, FFHS2322MM0, FGUI2149LP1, FGUI1849LP1, FGHT2144KR6, FFHT2142LS1, FGHS2334KP2, FFHS2313LPA, FRS23H5ASB6, CRT216HLQ4, DGHT1844KF5, FFHS2322MS7, FGHT2134KW7, FGHT1848PF1, BLRT86TEW4, E32AR75GTT0, FFHS2313LP8, FRS23H5DSB2, FGHT1832PF5, DFHT1843MW2, FGHS2367KW4, CRSE234JSM3, FPHS2399PF2, FFHS2322MW7, FFHS2322MW2, FGHT1848PF3, FFHS2313LM3, DGHT1844PF0, FFSS2314QP6A, FRS23H5DSB6, FFSS2314QS8A, FPHS2399KF5, FGHT2134KW4, CRSH232PW2, FGUI2149LF1, CFHT1842LS6, FFHS2311LB7, FFHS2311LB2, CRT21HCDMW0, BRT18HP7JC1, FGHS2334KE2, FPHS2386LF1, FPHS2386LF2, FFHS2311LWGA, FRS23F5AB3, FRS23F5AQ7, FFHS2311LBB, FGHS2367KE4, FGHT1844KR8, FGHT1834KW9, FGUI1849PF0, FFHS2313LE6, FRS23H7CSB0, FGUI2149PF0, CRTE187EB0, FGHS2368LE0, FFHS2322MS9, FGHS2342LF7, E32AR75DCS0, FGHT1846KR2, CRTE187EW7, FGHT2144KF2, DFHT1843MW6, DFHS2313MF7, FFHS2322MSFA, FGHS2365KF1, FGHT2132PP0, FFHS2322MB8, FGUI1849LF1, CRT216HLW1, FFHS2313LP6, FGHT1846KP2, FFHS2311LWJA, FGHT2134KW2, CRTE187ES0, FGHT1846KR4, ... More Info. FGHT2132PP0, FFHS2322MWC, CRT188HLB1, FGHT2144KR3, FRS23KF5CW2, CRTE187ES7, FGHT1832PE4, This door is held in place by plastic tabs. FGHT2134KB3, FFSS2314QE2A, FGHS2367KP3, CFHT1843LS2, CRSH232PS7A, FGHT1846KR1, FGUI2149LP3, FRS23KF5CQ2, FGHT2134KB4, GE refrigerator dairy door. FFSS2314QP8A, CRSE234FW1, The door can become cracked and need replacing. FGHT1846KR0, FFHS2313LM6, FGHS2334KW0, FFHS2322MSEA, E32AR75FPS0, FGHT1834KQ5, CRSH232PB2, FFSS2314QE0, FRS23F5AB6, FRS23HF5AB3, BLRT86TES6, FGHT1834KB8, FGHT2146KP1, CRT18CDMW0, CRT216HLB2, CRSH232PS4, FGHS2367KE3, FGHT1834KB0, FGHT2132PE2, part Frigidaire (FRIGB) This is a genuine replacement part Refrigerator-replacement-parts, Weight: 0.55 Pounds, Manufacturer: CE … FRS23H7CB0, CGHT1846MP2, CFHT1842LS0, FFHS2313LS0, FGHT1846KP0, CRT216HLQ2, FGUI2149LF2, FGHT2134KB2, FGHT2132PE1, CFHT1842LS0, The Dairy door was cracked by an item in the refrigerator and broke into two pieces This was not technical at all. FPHI2188PF4, FGUI2149LE1, CRSE230KW0, FGHT1844KR1, CRSE234JW1, FFHT2142LK0, FGHT2144KR6, FFHS2322MS7, FPHS2387KF3, FGHS2334KE3, The dairy door shields the dairy products in the dairy bin. DFHT1843MS3, CRSH232PW0, FRS23HF5AQ3, CRT216HLB4, FFHS2322MB1, FRS23F5AB7, FFHS2311LBPA, FFHS2322MQ4, FGHT1832PF1, FRS23F4DW2, FGUI2149LF3, FFHS2311LW8, FFHS2311LB6, FPUI2188LF3, GE FRS23HF5AB2, FPUI2188PF1, CRSE234JQ1, GE / Hotpoint refrigerator door dairy - butter door. FGHS2368LP1, CRSH238MB3, FFEX2315QP0, DFHT1843MW5, FFHS2311LWEA, FFHS2322MM1, FRS23H5DSB6, FGHS2369KP4, FGHS2332LP4, FGHT2146KF2, FRS23H5DSB8, CRTE187JW1, FFHS2311LWNA, FPHT21X2MF0, FGHT1834KQ6, This door is held in place by plastic tabs. FGHS2332LE2, The dairy door shields the dairy products in the dairy bin. FFEX2315QE1, FGHT2134KB1, FFEX2315QP1, FGHT1844KF7, FGHT2132PP2, FFHS2313LS5, FGUI1849LR2, FGHS2332LP5, FFHS2311LBFA, FKCH17F7HWF, FGUI2149LP0, CRSH238MB5, FGHT2134KW0, FFHS2322MWB, by Frigidaire. DFHT1843PS3, FRS23KF5CB0, DGHT1844KR8, FFHS2313LSE, CRSE234FW3, FGHT2146KE3, FRS23F5AQ6, FRS23F5AB1, Refrigerators from Frigidaire come in French door, side by side and refrigerator/freezer only models. The door can become cracked and need replacing. CRT216HLS2, CRSE234JB3, FGHS2367KE2, DFHS2313MFA, FGHT2146KP1, FPHI1888PF5, FPHI1888PF3, CFHT1843LS6, FFHS2322MB4, CFHT1843LW9, CRSE234JW3, CRSE234FB2, FRS23H7CSB1, CRTE187EW9, CRTE187EW2, FRS23BH5CB1, FGHT1832PE3, CRSE234FB2, CFHT1843LW7, FGHS2334KW2, FRS23F4CQ3, FRS23H5ASB6, FGHS2369KP2, FFHS2313LM0, FFSS2314QP2A, FGHT2132PF1, FGHT2132PE0, FFHS2322MB0, FPHI2187KR2, FGHS2368LE3, CFHT1842PS2, FFHS2322MW3, FFHS2311LW0, FRS23KF5CB3, FGHT2134KW5, FFHS2311LB3, FRS23H5DSB5, Quantity: 6 available / 1 sold. FRS23BH6CS2, FRS23F4DQ2, FGHT1834KB1, CRT188HLW3, CRTE187EQ2, CRT188HLB3, FRS23FCDQ0, FFHS2311PF3, FFHS2322MB8, DFHS2313MFEA, FFHS2322MS9, FGHT1834KB5, FGHS2342LF1, FFHS2322MB7, BLRT86TEW6, Read MoreBLRT86TEW7, CFHT1843LW6, FKCH17F7HWB, CRT216HLW7, CRTE187JS0, FGHS2342LF3, FFHS2322MSHA, FRS23F4DW4, FFHS2322MWGA, FFHS2313LSB, CFHT1843LW0, CRSH232PW5, FGHS2367KW3, FGHT2144KR0, FGHS2334KB4, FFHS2313LS4, FRS23F5AQ2, FGHS2334KQ0, FGHT2146KF0, FFHS2322MW9, CRSH237LS1, FPUI1888LR0, FFHT2142LS0, FFHS2311PF1, CRT216HLQ2, CRSH237LW0, DFHT1843MS2, FRS23KF5CW0, CRSH238MB4, DGHT1844PF1, CRSH232PS0, FFHS2312NS0, 240338313 OEM Frigidaire Refrigerator Dairy Door is clear in colour. FFSS2314QS0, FGHT1846KR0, FFHS2311LWKA, FGHS2355PF5A, FGHT2144KF5, CRTE187JS1, FGHT2144KF4, CRT21HSBMW0, FFEX2315QM0, CRSH238MB4, Clear plastic. FFHS2311LW2, FGHT1844KR7, > A-1 Appliance CRSH232PB0, Clear plastic. FGHT2144KR4, CRT216HLB1, FGHT1832PP0, CRSH232PW8A, FRS23HF5AQ2, FGHS2332LP0, FRS23F4CB0, FRS23F5AQ7, FRS23F5AW7, CRSE234JQ0, FGHS2355KP1, FPHI2188PF4, FGUI1849LP2, FFHS2311LBC, FFHS2312NS3, FFHS2313LE6, FRS23F5AB7, DGHT1844KF1, FPHS2387KF3, CRSE234JQ2, FFHS2322MBHA, FGHT1834KW3, DGHT1844KF2, FGHS2342LF8, FGHT1832PP3, FFHS2311PFEA, FFHS2322MM2, FGHT2134KB1, FFHS2311PF9A, FRS23H7CQ1, CRSH232PS4, CRT216HLS0, FFHS2311LWA, CRT188HLB3, CRSH232PS6A, FGHT2144KF7, FGHT2146KR3, 7240338313. GE WR22X10012 Door Dairy for Refrigerator. FFHS2311LW7, 0 Items in Cart Appliance Parts Blog, You Are Here:   Home FFHS2311PF7A, CRTE187EB6, CRSH232PW3, FGHS2355KE2, Top freezer: Some refrigerators have a freezer in the top portion, and the freezer and the fridge each have one door. FGHS2334KQ2, CRSH232PWCA, FFHS2311PF0, FFHS2313LP3, FPRH17D7KF0, $19.00$19.00 ($2.97/oz) Get it as soon as Tue, Aug 25. FGHS2355PF1, FGHT2134KB7, FFHS2311LWD, FFHS2311PFBA, FRS23HF5AW4, DGHT1844KF7, FFHS2311LW8, FRS23F5AQ4, CFHT1843LS1, FRS23F5AW7, FFHS2313LPC, FGHS2367KB2, FPUI2188LF1, FFHT2142LS0, CRT216HLQ1, FGHT1844KF5, FFHS2313LMD, Dairy Door. FGHS2355KE2, FPHS2386LF7, CRSH237LW3, FGHT1832PP0, FPUI1888LR2, CRT188HLS1, FRS23H5ASB4, Clear plastic. FGUI2149LP3, CRTE187JW0, FGHT1834KB9, FFHS2313LE7, FFEX2315QM1, Frigidaire (FRIGB) This is a genuine replacement part Refrigerator-replacement-parts This is an O.E.M. FFHS2322MBE, FGHS2342LF3, FFHS2322MSD, FGHS2367KP4, CRSH232PS7A, FRS23H7CW1, FGHT1846KP1, FGUI2149LR1, CRTE187EW4, FGHT1846KP0, CRSH232PW7A, CRSE234JSM0, FFHS2313LSD, BRT18S6GW0, FGHT1846KF1, FPHI1887KR1, Our Price. It is compatible with many Frigidaire, White Westinghouse, Kelvinator, Gibson, Kenmore, Sears, Tappan and Electrolux. FRS23F5AW1, FGHT1846KE0, FFHS2311PF2, CRTE187JW1, FRS23HF5AW4, FRS23H5ASB4, FGHS2334KW3, CRSH237LW2, FGHT1832PE2, CRSE234FSM0, FGHS2368LP3, FGHT1844KF0, FGHT2148PF0, DGHT2144KR3, FFHS2311PFBA, DGHT1844KR5, FGUI2149PF1, FFHS2322MWB, FFHS2313LS4, FFHS2313LE4, FFSS2314QE6A, CRSH232PB6, FFHS2313LM4, FRS23H5ASB7, CRT18CDMB0, DFHS2313MF2, FFSS2314QS0, BRT18HP7JW1, FFEX2315QS0, FGHS2334KP0, FGUI2149LR2, FFSS2314QE5A, FRS23F4DW1, BRT18HP7JC1, FGHS2367KW3, DGHT2144KR0, CRSE234FSM2, FRS23HF5AB5, FPHS2399KF1, CFHT1843LS5, FRS23F4DW4, FFHS2313LSA, FRS23FCDB0, FPHI1887KR2, E32AR75FPS2, FGHT1846KE2, CRSE234FQ2, FRS23HF5AQ5, CFHT1843LW4, CRSH238MS2, CRSH232PB5, FGHS2334KE0, FFHS2322MB5, FFHS2311PF0, FGHS2367KB4, CRSE234JW3, FGHT2148PF0, FGHS2365KF4, This item: FRIGIDAIRE Dairy door (240337712) $38.79 FRIGIDAIRE Refrigerator door shelf (240534901) $31.60 FRIGIDAIRE Refrigerator door shelf (240338001) $33.15 FRS23KF5CS0, FGHS2368LP0, FFHS2313LP0, FFHS2311LWEA, CRSH232PW0, DGHT1844KR4, FFHS2322MW9, CRT188HLQ3, FFSS2314QP5A, FRS23F4CW0, FGHT1844KR6, FGHT1832PF4, DFHT1843MW6, FGHT1832PF3, DGHT1844KR2, FGHT1846KE5, FFHS2311LWMA, FPUI2188LR2, CRT188HLB7, Filter By Appliance Brand: Electrolux , Frigidaire , GE , Maytag , Whirlpool. DGHT1844KF4, FPUI2188LF2, FRS23BH5CW0, FFHS2311LB0, FPHS2386LF5, FRS23KF5CQ3, ... Fresh for up to 3x longer: The perfect storage temperature for fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and dairy products. FPUI1888LR0, FGHT1844KR8, DFHT1843MS6, FGHT2144KR7, CRT188HLW1, FGHT1834KB1, DGHT2144KF4, FFHS2322MQ7, FPUI1888LR1, DFHT1843PS3, CFHT1843LS0, FFHS2313LP4, CRSH232PW8A, CRT188HLQ1, CRTE187JS1, FRS23BH5CB1, ft.) Stainless steel Commercial Right-handed Reach-in Swing Door Refrigerator Capacity: 537.7 L (19 cu. FGHS2367KW2, FPHI1888PF0, FFSS2314QP1, FGHT2144KF7, CFHT1843LW4, FFHS2311LQ3, FPHS2399KF5, FGHS2355KP4, CRTE187EB2, FRS23F4CW5, FGHS2334KQ4, FGHT2132PE2, FRS23H7CB1, FFHS2322MBB, CRSE234JB2, The dairy cover is a plastic part that serves as a covering to a shelf on your fridge door, traditionally where dairy products such as butter are housed. FFEX2315QP0, CFHT1843LW0, FGHT1846KE4, FFHS2313LP7, CRSE234FQ1, FFHS2322MBFA, FGHS2342LF4, FPHS2386LF6, FRS23KF5CB5, FFHS2311LB9, FGHT2146KE0, FFHS2311PF5, DGHT1844KF8, FGHT2132PF1, This dairy door, also known as a dairy bin cover, is a genuine OEM replacement part for your refrigerator. CRSH232PB9A, FFHS2322MW6, CRT188HLW3, FGUI2149LE2, FRS23KF5CW0, FGHT2144PF0, BLRT86TEW8, FPHS2386LF0, FGHT1832PP3, DGHT2144KF3, FGHT1846KE0, FFHS2311LBKA, FFHS2313LPA, FFHS2313LS7, FGHT1846KE4, Seller: erics_corner_store (2,406) 99.5%, Location: Osgoode, Ontario, Ships to: CA, US, Item: 202316251784 LG Fridge Refrigerator Door Shelf Basket Dairy Bin w/ Lid 5005JJ2021F MKK339929. FRS23HF5AB3, FFHS2311LWA, FGHS2367KP3, BLRT86TEB4, FGHT2132PF0, FFHS2313LM3, FRS23H7CW0, FRS23BH6CS1, CRSH232PB8A, FGHT2146KE0, FPHS2399PF0, FGHT1834KB2, FGHT1846KF0, FFHS2322MM4, Check out this Frigidaire 13'' Clear Dairy Door and other appliances at Frigidaire.com FGHS2367KW4, FFSS2314QP6A, CRSH238MW4, Details about Electrolux 240338313 REFRIGERATOR DAIRY DOOR WHITE NEW GENUINE. FPHS2387KF4, Maytag refrigerator dairy door - butter cover. CFHT1843LW8, FRS23H7CSB0, CRSH232PS9A, DFHS2313MFFA, FRS23F5AQ3, FRS23H7CW2, DGHT1844KR0, FGUI2149PF1, FPHS2387KF6, FFHS2322MBKA, FFHS2322MS3, CRSH232PW1, FRS23H5DSB4, CRSE234FW0, FFSS2314QP1, BLRT86TES4, CGHT1846MP2, DFHS2313MF9, FGHS2367KB1, FRS23F4CQ2, FFSS2314QE7A, FGHT1844KR7, CRSH237LB3, CRTE187ES6, FPHI1887KR0, 240356402 Clear Refrigerator Door Bin Side Shelf For Electrolux and Frigidaire, Upper Slot Replacement Shelf, Gallon Size - Replaces AP2549958, 240430312, 240356416, 240356407, and more FGHT1834KQ2, FRS23H7CB2, FGHS2367KE4, FFHS2322MSB, BLRT86TEB6, FFHS2313LP9, CFHT1843LS3, FRS23BH6CS0, FGHT1832PF0, FRS23FCDW0, FRS23H5ASB0, BLRT86TEW5, CRSH232PS9A, CRSH238MS3, FFHS2311LB2, FGHS2368LP4, DFHT1843MW0, DFHT1843PS1, CRSH232PWCA, FRS23KF5CQ5, FGHS2355KE1, FGHT1846KE7, FRS23BH5CW1, CRSE234JW0, DFHS2313MF8, FGHS2368LP2, FKCH17F7HWE, FFSS2314QE0, BLRT86TESA, The 240337712 Frigidaire Refrigerator Dairy Door - Clear is not available to be shipped right away. CRT188HLS0, FRS23F5AW3, FGHS2367KE2, FFHS2313LEC, DFHS2313MFHA, FFHS2322MQ0, FGHS2368LP4, FRS23F4CB4, FGHT1844KR4, CFHT1843LS2, FFHS2311LBJA, CRSE234FQ3, FGHT2146KP2, FFHS2313LPD, FKCH17F7HBA, FFHS2313LE8, CRTE187EQ0, CRT188HLS1, CRTE187EW7, FGHS2332LP3, FPHI1888PF0, CRSE234FB4, DGHT1844KF2, FRS23BH5CW0, FFSS2314QE5A, FPHS2387KF4, FFHS2322MS8, FPUI1888LF1, 197D4217G001, 240326203 Frigidaire Refrigerator Dairy Door. CRT216HLS9, Clear plastic. DGHT2144KR0, FGHS2342LF1, FFHS2311PF2, FGUI2149LF1, E32AR75FPS4, CRTE187EQ0, FGHS2334KE4, FGHT1832PE2, FRS23F4CW2, FGHS2334KE4, FRS23H5ASB0, It measures about 14 inches wide by 6 inches high . Whirlpool Genuine OEM WP67003637 Refrigerator Dairy Door. CRSH238MW2, FPHS2386LF4, FFHS2322MQ6, FFHS2313LM8, FRS23KF5CS2, FFHS2312NS3, DFHT1843MW7, FGHS2332LE4, FGHT1848PF0, FGHS2344KF3, FGUI1849LE0, Available in stainless steel or white, the refrigerators include standard top-freezer designs as well as French door models with built-in ice and water dispensers. FGHT2132PF2, FFHS2311LQ2, FFSS2314QP2A, DFHS2313MF4, CRT188HLW1, FGHT1834KW6, FRS23H7CSB2, FFHS2322MWD, FRS23H5DSB0, FPRH17D7KF1, FGHS2332LE6, CRSH237LB3, CRT216HLB0, CRT216HLS9, CFHT1843PS1, FGHS2334KW3, CRSH238MB2, FPHI2187KF1, FRS23KF5CQ3, FGHS2369KE4, FFHS2313LE7, FFHS2322MW1, FRS23H7CB2, Only 2 left in stock - order soon. CRTE187EB6, CFHT1842LS2, FGHT1834KB3, FFHS2322MQ4, CRTE187EW5, FGHT1846KF2, CRSH237LW1, CFHT1843LW2, CRTE187ES2, FFHS2313LM0, FFHS2311PFAA, FFSS2314QS2A, FGHT1846KP7, FFHS2311LW1, CRT18CDMW1, CRSH238MW5, The door can become cracked and need replacing. CRSE234FQ0, DGHT1844KR4, CRSH232PW2, FFHS2313LS9, FGHS2334KB2, FFHS2322MW1, FGHT2132PP1, FGUI2149PF0, FRS23F5AQ2, FPHS2387KF1, FFHS2313LE0, FRS23H7CQ2, FRS23H7CQ1, FRS23F4CQ3, CRSE234FSM4, FGHS2334KB4, FRS23H5DSBA, Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Frigidaire Refrigerator Dairy Door Part # 240326203 at the best online prices at eBay! FPHS2386LF7, Item Information. FGUI2149LF3, FGUI2149LF0, FGHT1846KP5, CRT216HLB7, FRS23H5ASB9, FFHS2313LSC, CRSH232PS1, FRS23F4CB0, FGHT2144KF5, FGUI2149LE2, FRS23F4CB5, FFHS2311LW9, FGHT1834KB2, FGHT1834KQ3, FGHT1846KP4, FFSS2314QS5A, CRSH232PS6A, FFHS2313LMA, E32AR75FPS3, BLRT86TES5, CRSH232PBBA, FFHS2322MBJA, FRS23H7CW0, FGHT2144KR5, FGUI1849LF2, FPHS2386LF4, E32AR75GTT0, FFHS2311PF8A, FFHS2322MWHA, FFHS2322MS0, FRS23F5AW6, 240338318, FFHS2322MSFA, FRS23H7CSB4, FFHS2322MS1, FFHS2313LE4, FGHT1834KW3, FGHT1844KF1, CFHT1843LS5, FFHS2313LMC, Frigidaire FGHS2367KP1, FRS23F5AB5, FFEX2315QS1, FFHS2322MS5, CFHT1843PS0, CRSH232PS5A, FPHS2399KF4, CRSE234JW2, FGHT2144KR1, FFHS2322MBHA, FPHI21X7LF0, FRS23H5ASB9, CRTE187JS0, FGHS2332LE5, FGHS2332LP4, DFHT1843PS0, CRT216HLW6, FFHS2313LS6, FFHS2313LP5, FFHS2313LS7, FFHS2322MB9, FFHS2322MQ5, , CRTE187EB2, Frigidaire Genuine OEM 240337701 Refrigerator Dairy Door. This electrical component is a manufacturer-authorized service part to be used in refrigerator models with a flammable refrigerant, such as R600a. CRTE187ES2, CRT216HLS2, FFHS2311LB0, FGHT1844KF8, FRS23F4CW4, CRT216HLW4, FFHS2313LS9, This dairy door is clear in colour. CRSE230KW0, CRSH237LS0, To remove it, push one side in to release the tab, and pull the door out. FGUI2149LR3, FGHT1834KQ1, FRS23H7CQ0, FPHS2387KF5, FFSS2314QP0, FGUI2149LF0, CRT216HLS6, FGHS2334KW1, FFSS2314QS4A, FPUI1888PF0, Price and availability subject to change - customer will be notified if any changes are necessary. FPHI2187KF0, FFSS2314QE2A, FFHS2311LWJA, FFHS2322MWC, FFHS2322MS2, FGHT2144KF3, FRS23F5AW2, FFHS2322MSGA, FPHS2399KF2, FRS23KF5CQ0, FRS23F4CQ4, FGHS2367KP2, FFSS2314QE6A, FFHS2322MWEA, CRSH238MW3, FGHS2332LP2, This GE made Refrigerator Dairy Door replaces the following older part numbers on General Electric, Hotpoint, RCA, Sears and Kenmore Refrigerators: 879748. FRS23H5DSB9, FPHS2399PF0, CRSE234JQ1, FRS23H5ASB1, FRS23H5ASB5, FRS23BH6CQ0, FFHS2313LS2, CFHT1843LW9, FGHT1834KW2, FPHI1888PF2, CFHT1842LS7, FRS23F5AQ6, E32AR75DCP0, CFHT1843LW3, Compare At. FFHS2311PF5, FFHS2311LW1, FGUI2149LP2, FFHS2322MBA, FGHT1844KR6, FGHS2367KE1, FGHS2355KP1, FGHS2334KW0, FRS23HF5AW5, FFHS2313LMA, FGHT1834KW9, FGHS2365KF4, FGHS2342LF0, FRS23BH6CS2, CRSE234JB0, FGHT1832PF4, CRSH238MB1, FRS23HF5AB4, BRT18HP7GC0, FFSS2314QS4A, CFHT1843LS3, CRTE187JB0, CRT216HLS7, FGUI1849LE1, FPUI2188LR0, FFHS2322MB1, FRS23F5AQ5, CRT18HCDMS0, FRS23FCDW0, FGHT1834KW8, FGHS2369KE4, Maytag FFHS2322MWFA, CRSH238MB2, FGHS2342LF5, FGHS2332LP7, CRT216HLB1, CRSE234FQ0, E32AR75DCL0, FFHS2311LBNA, FGHS2334KB5, FGUI2149LP0, FGUI1849LR1, Videos / Instructions / FAQ (click to view / hide), *** Our fulfillment centers are currently operational and orders are being shipped ***, BLRT86TEW7, CRSH232PB7A, FGHS2334KQ0, FRS23BH6CQ0, FGHS2334KB5, FRS23KF5CS0, Be the first to write a review. GENUINE Frigidaire 5303308341 Refrigerator Dairy Door. FFHS2322MW0, FFHS2311LW3, DFHS2313MF0, FPUI2188PF0, FPHS2399PF3, FRS23H7CSB5, FGHT1848PF4, FRS23BH5CQ0, FRS23H7CQ2, DFHT1843PS2, FPHI2187KF2, FRS23F4CQ5, CRSE234JQ3, CRSH232PS3, Part Number 1445703 Dairy Door Westinghouse Fridge Dimensions: 385mm (w) X 80mm (h)May be known by o.. FKCH17F7HWB, FGHT1846KE5, FFHS2312NS1, FGHT2144KR4, FRS23F4DQ1, FFHS2322MQ0, CFHT1843LS0, CRSE234JSM3, CRT216HLS1, FGHS2332LE6, FFHS2311PF1, FGHT1834KW5, FRS23H5DSBA, FGHS2332LP5, FFSS2314QP8A, FFHS2322MWA, FGHT2134KB5, CRSE234FQ1, FFSS2314QE8A, FFSS2314QE1, FRS23BH6CS0, CRTE187JB0, FPHI21X7LF0, FRS23F4DW3, FGHT1844KF6, FFHS2322MM1, CRSH237LB0, FGHS2334KW4, FGHT1834KQ6, FGHT1832PE1, FRS23H5ASB8, FFSS2314QE7A, FFHS2311PF9A, FRS23H5DSB3, CRSH237LS0, CRT18CDMW0, CRT21HCDMW0, FPUI1888LF2, FGHT1832PP4, CRSH237LB4, And unlike bottom mount refrigerators, it features double door entry to the eye-level fridge space. FFHS2311LB7, FGHT2146KE3, CRT216HLQ6, BLRT86TEWA, FFEX2315QM0, CRSE234FW2, FFHS2322MS6, FFHS2322MBGA, BLRT86TEWA, FFHS2322MWFA, FGUI1849PF0, FGHT1844KR5, FFHS2311LQ2, FFEX2315QE0, FFSS2314QS5A, 4.6 out of 5 stars 206. FGHS2344KF3, FGHS2355PF0, FFHS2313LS5, FGHS2334KB1, CGHT1846PF0, FGHT1844KR1, FGHS2332LE2, FPHT21X2MF0, BLRT86TEB5, CRSE234JW0, FGHS2334KP4, FGHT2146KP0, FRS23KF5CB0, DFHS2313MF9, CRSH238MW6, FGHT2134KW7, FGHS2367KP4, FGHT2144KR5, CRSH238MB5, FGUI2149LR0, FFHS2311PFDA, FGHT2146KR1, FGHS2368LE0, FFHS2313LE5, CRSE234JB0, CRT188HLW0, FRS23H7CW2, FGHT1848PF3, FRS23H7CB0, CRT188HLW4, FGHS2332LE0, FFHS2322MB0, FGHS2342LF2, FPHI1888PF8, CGHT1846MF2, 240338305, CFHT1843LW5, BRT18HP7GW0, FFHS2311LB1, FFHT2142LK0, FRS23F5AW5, FGHT2132PE0, FFHS2322MSD, FRS23F4CB2, E32AR75FPS0, FFHS2322MM0, FFHS2311PFCA, So milk, cheese , yoghurts, butter and other dairy treats like that. FRS23HF5AW3, FRS23KF5CQ2, FFHS2311LWFA, FFHS2322MM3, FRS23H7CSB1, CRSH237LS2, FRS23HF5AQ4, CRT188HLW7, FGHS2355PF2, FPHI2188PF1, FGHT1846KP2, CRT216HLW2, FPHS2399PF3, FPHI1887KF1, FFSS2314QS6A, FGHT2144KF2, DGHT2144KF0, Mini fridges can vary in size from less than 2 cubic feet to about 4.5 cubic feet. Frigidaire meets your cooling needs with refrigerators from 24” up to 36” in size, as well as upright and chest freezers, and bar and wine fridges. FGHS2334KB3, CRSE234JSM1, FRS23F5AW5, CFHT1842PS2, FGHT1834KB5, FGHS2342LF4, FFHS2311LBD, FRS23F4CQ4, BLRT86TEB7, CRTE187EW6, CRSH232PW9A, FPHI2187KF2, FPHI1888PF8, FGHS2344KF4, FRS23BH6CB1, FGHS2332LP6, CRTE187EB0, CRSE234FB0, FGHT2132PE1, FFHS2313LS8, FGHT1846KP7, FRS23F4DB4, FKCH17F7HWD, FGHS2355KP2, FGHT1844KF1, FFHS2313LS3, FGHT1832PF2, FGHT2134KW3, CRT188HLW7, FGHT2134KW3, CRSE234FSM1, CRT18CDMB0, FRS23F4CW5, FGHT1834KW8, CRSH237LS4, A man has been charged with murdering young graduate Celeste Manno. FGHT1834KW1, CRSE234FQ2, FPUI2188PF1, FGUI1849LP0, CRTE187ES9, CRSH232PW5, FGHT1834KB6, FGHS2334KP4, FFHS2313LE1, FFHS2322MS8, Whirlpool, Have a question about a part?Ask us a question about a part number. FGUI1849LR1, FGHT1846KR4, FRS23F4CQ0, FGHS2368LE2, Frigidaire 30-3858-00-03. CRT188HLW4, FFHS2311LW2, FFSS2314QE1, CRSH232PWAA, CRSH232PW9A, FGHS2369KP2, CFHT1842LS3, FGHS2344KF0, FGHT2144KF0, FFHS2322MQ6, FKCH17F7HWA, FGHS2334KP0, Unlike top mount refrigerators, a French door refrigerator has its freezer resting at the bottom of the appliance. FFHS2313LMB, CRSE234JSM2, The dairy cover is a plastic part that serves as a covering to a shelf on your fridge door, traditionally where dairy products such as butter are housed. DFHS2313MFDA, FGHS2344KF2, CRSE234JSM0, Frigidaire 240326203 Dairy Door for Refrigerator by Frigidaire: Amazon.ca: Tools & Home Improvement FGHT1844KR4, FFHS2322MSJA, FFHS2313LM9, FGHT1832PP2, FRS23F4DW1, DGHT1844KF4, DFHS2313MFA, FGHS2367KB1, FGHT2144PF1, FGHS2367KB3, FGHT2144KF1, CFHT1842PS1, Trim Piece Model Part# WR38X2147 Replaces Trim Piece in good pre-owned condition. FFHS2311LBLA, FGHT1832PF3, BLRT86TEW8, FGUI2149LP5, FGHT2132PF0, FFHS2311PFCA, FFHS2311LB1, CRSH237LW3, FFHS2322MSC, FFHS2311PFAA, DGHT1844KR8, FPHS2399PF2, FFHS2322MWJA, FGHS2332LE4, DFHT1843MS0, CFHT1842PS0, E32AR75FPS2, DGHT2144KR3, This dairy door, also known as a dairy bin cover, is a genuine OEM replacement part for your refrigerator. FRS23F5AB6, FFSS2314QS7A, FFHS2313LM5, CFHT1842PS4, FGHT1846PF0, FGHS2367KB4, FRS23KF5CQ0, CRSE234FQ3, BRT18HP7JC0, DGHT2144KR4, DGHT1844KF5, DFHS2313MF1, FFSS2314QP4A, CGHT1846MF5, FRS23F4DQ4, FRS23F4CQ0, FFSS2314QE4A, FRS23F5AB4, FGHT2134KB4, FPHI1887KR0, FFHT2142LK1, CRSH237LS1, FGHT1846KF4, CRT216HLB6, FRS23BH5CQ1, FGHT1832PF1, FFHS2322MBD, FPUI2188LR0, FGHT1846KR2, FRS23F4DQ1, Frigidaire 240326203 Frigidare Dairy Door for Refrigerator. FGUI1849LF2, FFHS2322MW6, FRS23HF5AW1, Stamped with PN MKK339929To find if this item will be compatible for your appliance please look up your model and find the corresponding part number. FFHS2322MBA, FGHT1834KB8, FFHS2313LM4, Using an unauthorized service part in a unit that uses a flammable refrigerant could lead to a risk of fire or explosion in your refrigerator. CRT21HSBMW0, FRS23F4DB2, CRSE234JQ3, FKCH17F7HWF, CRT216HLQ4, FGHT1834KQ9, This part is approximately 11" wide x 7" high. Condition: New. FRS23F4CW0, FRS23BH5CB0, FRS23HF5AB4, FRS23KF5CB5, FGHT1832PE3, FFHS2313LP3, $14.70 (16 used & new offers) This is a genuine OEM part that works for some models of Frigidaire, Electrolux, White Westinghouse, and Tappan models. FFHS2311PF6A, DFHS2313MF0, FGHT2144KF1, FGHS2334KQ4, FFHS2322MB5, CRSH238MW1, Part #: 240326203. CRTE187EB9, FFHS2322MS5, FFEX2315QE1, FFHS2313LME, This part works with the following brands: Whirlpool, Roper, Admiral, Maytag, Hardwick, Jenn-Air, Estate, Magic Chef, Crosley, Inglis, Norge, Modern Maid, Amana, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Caloric & Ikea. FRS23F4DB2, FGHT1846KF5, CFHT1842PS0, FGHT2134KB3, FGUI1849LP2, FPUI1888LR2, DGHT2144KF0, FRS23FCDB0, FFHS2311LW9, CRSH232PB1, FGHT1832PE0, BRT217TGW0, CRT188HLQ4, FFHS2312NS0, DGHT1844PF0, FGHT1846KP1, CRT216HLB6, FFHS2322MW7, FFHS2311LQ0, Whirlpool refrigerator dairy door (butter cover). FPHI1888PF4, CFHT1843LW3, FGUI2149LE0, Learn more about our top of the line fridges right now! CRSH237LW1, FFHS2311PFEA, FGHS2332LP1, FGHS2334KW2, FFHS2322MS1, 245D1184P001, GE refrigerator clear plastic dairy door cover. FGHT2134KW8, FGHT2132PP1, FGHT2146KF1, FGUI1849LR2, CRSE234FQ4, FFSS2314QS7A, DFHT1843MS0, CRTE187JW0, FGHT2132PP2, CRTE187EB7, FGHT2134KW2, FRS23BH6CB0, CRT216HLS4, FFHS2322MWD, FGHT1832PF2, CRSH232PWBA, FRS23BH5CW1, CGHT1846MF5, CRT216HLW4, FGHT1846PF0, FPUI1888LR1, FGHS2334KW4, FGUI1849LR0, CRSH238MW2, CRT216HLB3, CRSE234FB1, FGHT2134KW1, DFHS2313MF1, DFHS2313MFB, FFHS2311LBD, FRS23BH6CB0, FFHS2313LM7, FFHS2311LB8, CRSH232PB1, GE refrigerator dairy door - butter cover. ( 11) Color: clear. FGHS2367KW1, CFHT1842LS4, FGHT2132PF2, CRSH232PS5A, CRSE234FB3, CRT216HLW3, Free shipping for many products! FFHS2311LWFA, CRSH232PB0, FGHS2369KE1, DFHS2313MF4, FGHS2367KB2, CRSH232PB5, DFHS2313MFDA, CRTE187EW5, FGHT2146KR0, FRS23H7CB1, FGHT1846KE1, 240338321, 13-1/2" Wide. FGHT1834KQ8, CRSH232PB7A, CRSH238MS4, FKCH17F7HWD, CRT216HLW0, FFHS2313LM9, CRT18CDMB1, FGUI1849LE1, CFHT1843LS7, FFHS2313LM8, FFHS2322MWJA, FGHS2332LP3, DFHT1843MW3, DFHT1843PS2, FRS23F4CB5, FGHS2342LF2, FRS23F5AB4, FRS23F5AW4, FFHS2311LW6, CRSH232PB8A, FFHS2313LE9, CFHT1842PS4, FGHT1848PF4, FGHT2134KW5, FGHT2144KR2, CRTE187JB1, 240338309, DFHT1843MS5, CRT216HLS3, FFHS2313LE3, CFHT1843LW7, FGHT2146KP0, FGHS2334KB1, Refrigerators are the most essential modern appliance for keeping drinks cold, meat fresh and produce crisp. FPHI2188PF2, FGUI2149LR3, FFHS2311LWGA, FPUI1888LF2, CRSE234JSM1, CRSH232PB3, CRT216HLW0, FRS23H5DSB5, CRTE187EW0, CRT216HLB7, CRT188HLW0, FGHS2344KF1, FGHS2369KP1, FRS23BH5CB0, CRT216HLQ0, FRS23H7CSB5, FGUI1849LR0, BRT18HP7JW0, DFHT1843MS6, $35.53. FRS23H5ASB7, FFHS2311LBLA, FRS23KF5CW3. FRS23HF5AQ3, FPUI2188LR3, Dairy door - clear works with some Frigidaire, Electrolux, White Westinghouse, and Tappan models of fridges. FPUI2188PF0, FRS23F4CW4, FFHS2322MW3, FGHS2369KP1, FFHS2313LE0, BLRT86TES8, FGHT1834KW0, FFHS2322MWA, FRS23F5AW6, FFHS2311LBC, FGHT1844KF2, FGHT2144KF0, FPHI1888PF2, CRTE187ES0, FRS23KF5CW2, CRT216HLQ6, FGUI1849LE2, CRSE234FSM4, FGHS2368LP0, CRSH238MW3, CRSE234JB1, FPUI2188LF2, CRT216HLW7, Dairy eggs, milk, butter, yogurt, cheese, sour cream all go on the lower shelves NOT the fridge door. CRSH237LS3, FRS23H5ASB3, FGHS2344KF4, FPHI1887KR1, FPHI1887KF2, CRSE234FW0, FPHS2399PF4A, FRS23HF5AW1, FFHS2311LWB, FFHS2322MM4, FRS23H7CW1, FRS23F5AW3, BRT18HP7JW1, FRS23HF5AQ4, FFSS2314QS2A, FKC17F7QTA, FKCH17F7HWA, CRTE187ES4, FFHS2311LWNA, ft.) Maintains temperature between 0.5°C - 3.3°C (33°F - 38°F) Commercial-grade stainless steel front and door with aluminum side FFHS2313LEB, FPHS2386LF6, FGUI1849LF0, This door is held in place by plastic tabs. FGHT1834KQ9, FGHS2369KP4, CRSE234FB4, FFHS2311PF6A, FGHT2146KF3, CRT216HLS3, FPHS2399KF3, FGHT2134KB0, CRT188HLB0, FFHS2313LMD, FFHS2322MQ5, FRS23F5AW4, CRT216HLB2, FFHS2322MSC, CFHT1842LS3, FRS23FCDQ0, DFHT1843MS5, FFHS2313LSA, FGHS2365KF2, FFHS2322MB2, BRT18HP7JC0, CRTE187EW0, FRS23F5AW1, FRS23F4CB3, DGHT2144KR1, FRS23H5DSB4, DGHT1844KR0, FGHT1834KW1, CRT188HLQ0, CRSH237LW4, FPHI2188PF1, FPHS2399KF4, CFHT1843PS1, CRSE234JSM2, FGHT2146KP3, FFEX2315QS1, FFHS2311LBPA, The door can become cracked and need replacing. FKCH17F7HWC, FKCH17F7HBA, FFHS2322MW0, FGHT1844KR2, BLRT86TES9, FFHS2311PF4, FGHS2369KE2, FFHS2322MSHA, FFHS2311LBE, FGHT1848PF1, FRS23F4CB3, CRSH237LB1, CRT216HLB0, CRSE234FW4, CRT216HLW2, FGHT1846KF2, FFHS2313LS0, CRTE187ES7, FKCH17F7HWC, CRT216HLS1, FGHT1832PP1, FGUI2149LP5, CRSH238MS4, FFHS2313LM1, DGHT1844KR7, FGHT1844KF2, CRT216HLB4, CRSH237LS3, FRS23BH6CW0, FGHS2334KB0, FGHT2144KR2, DFHS2313MFB, Frigidaire / Electrolux refrigerator dairy door. FFSS2314QP0, FGHT1846KF7, GE refrigerator fresh food dairy door (butter cover) - white plastic. FGHT1834KW2, FFHS2313LP6, FFHS2313LP5, FFHS2312NS2, The dairy cover is a plastic part that serves as a covering to a shelf on your fridge door, traditionally where dairy products such as butter are housed. CRTE187ES9, CRSH238MB6, FRS23F5AQ5, FGHT1848PF2, FRS23H5DSB0, CRSH232PW7A, CRSE234FSM0, CRSH237LS4, CFHT1843LW1, FPHI2187KR1, CRSH238MS1, FGHT1834KQ0, More Buying Choices. CRT216HLW3, DFHT1843MS2, CFHT1843LW2, FPHS2399KF1, The old door fell out and the replacement door snapped right into position.

dairy door fridge

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