Thai: นกกระเรียนเล็ก, nok kra-rien lek Binomial name: Grus virgo, Carolus Linnaeus, 1758 The demoiselle crane (Anthropoides virgo) is a species of crane found in central Eurasia, ranging from the … One of those sites was the arid country north of Burqin, where I got this photo on 16 May 2012. There are no known subspecies. HEIGHT: 89 cm, 3 ft WEIGHT: 2 – 3 kg, 4 – 7 lbs POPULATION: 170,000 – 220,000 TREND: Eurasian, Kazakhstan and Central Asian, and East Asian populations decreasing; Atlas Pleateau of nortnern Africa and Eastern Turkey likely extirpated Their long and slender figures and graceful gait also … Demoiselle Crane - Anthropoides virgo Russia, Saratov region, Kazachka, 04/29/2007 The steppe where I found this individual is classic Demoiselle Crane … The Demoiselle Crane is the second most abundant of the world’s cranes (only the Sandhill Crane is more numerous). Email This BlogThis! This bird is often mentioned in the literature and poetry of Northern India and Pakistan. Just preening. Six main populations … In 2017 we missed Demoiselle Crane Grus virgo, but on my initial trip in 2012 I found it at three sites in the northern Jungar Basin. These cranes are migratory birds. Le dessus de la tête gris surplombe le bec vert-olive et orange. The total population is estimated at 200-240,000, but reliable surveys of the species have been conducted in only limited portions of its range. The Demoiselle Crane (Grus virgo Linnaeus, 1758), 90-100 cm tall bird, has a wide global distribution.Breeding population is distributed in six main populations such as 1) North West Africa/Atlas, 2) Black Sea, 3) Turky, 4)Kalmykia, 5)Kazakastan/Central Asia and 6) Eastern Asia. Raysut, Oman, March (34263) Raysut, Oman, March (34262) Salalah, Oman, December (14801) Salalah, Oman, December (14804) DESCRIPTION: The Demoiselle Crane is the smallest of the cranes’ species. Posted by Bob Bushell at Wednesday, May 06, 2020. Un touffe de longues plumes … Les ailes associent le gris et le noir. Gruiforme Order – Gruidae Family. The demoiselle crane (Grus virgo) is a species of crane found in central Eurasia, ranging from the Black Sea to Mongolia and North Eastern China.There is also a small breeding population in Turkey. Demoiselle Crane - Grus virgo. Breeding in Eurasia: nw Africa, e Turkey, sw Russia to n China; can be seen in 72 countries. 28 comments: eileeninmd 6 May 2020 at 16:06. Grus virgo. Birds from western Eurasia will spend the winter in Africa whilst the birds from Asia, Mongolia and … The demoiselle crane (Grus virgo) is a crane species that was named after the French word for damsel by none other than Marie Antoinette, the famous last queen of France. However, it was not just the French queen who was mesmerized by these birds. Demoiselle Crane. Demoiselle Crane - Grus virgo Photographed at Slimbridge WWT, Gloucestershire, Britain. Demoiselle Crane Anthropoides virgo. Israel - Hadarom (IL) 2009-05-01 Kris De Keersmaecker Demoiselle Crane - Grus virgo. Demoiselle Crane Grus virgo. Parfois appelée Demoiselle de Numidie, la grue demoiselle est plus petite que la Grue cendrée.Les joues, la gorge, la poitrine et la longue bavette pectorale sont noires, le reste du plumage est gris. Demoiselle Crane (Grus virgo) bird calls on Demoiselle Crane Grus virgo. BIOMETRICS: Length: 90 cm Wingspan: 150-170 cm Weight: 2000-3000g . Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Demoiselle crane.

demoiselle crane grus virgo

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