Consider maintaining any documents related to the following: Include key elements, dates and responsible parties identified. With inflation having only modestly picked up in the past few years as the economy has become more robust, many believe the Phillips curve relationship has weakened. We are ready to call our employees back to our worksite, but an employee has expressed a preference for working from home. Technically, then, even if the participant was rehired within 30 days, the plan must automatically distribute a new SPD if they lost coverage under a plan between termination and rehire. UPDATED ANSWER (June 15, 2020)Can an employee refuse to return to work if they are above 65 years old and feel unsafe? When times are good, it is easier to enforce a restrictive covenant because the assumption is that an employee has plenty of options to find a new job and they should be able to work without violating their agreement. Several studies have suggested that a more responsive monetary policy to inflation and economic conditions, by stabilizing inflation and anchoring inflation expectations, may have been behind the flattening of the Phillips curve, for instance, Haldane and Quah, 1999; Roberts, 2006; Williams, 2006; Mishkin, 2007; Carlstrom, Fuerst, and Paustian, 2009; and McLeay and Tenreyro, 2018. To complete Section 3 for rehires, you must confirm that the original Form I-9 relates to your employee, and review the original Form I-9 to determine if your employee is still authorized to work, including whether employment authorization documentation presented in Section 2 (List A or List C) has since expired (or have been auto-extended). “Although the ADA prohibits discrimination based on association with an individual with a disability,” the agency said, “that protection is limited to disparate treatment or harassment.” It confirmed that the federal disability rights statute does not require you to accommodate an employee without a disability based on any disability-related needs of a family member or anyone else. OSHA is now taking the position that employers in all industries should determine whether employee COVID-19 illnesses are work-related and thus recordable. Meanwhile, courts are operating at reduced capacity, and this could impact your strategy decisions. During a crisis like this, people generally want to know how it affects them and their jobs, what they need to do at home and at work, and how the organization is impacted by and handling the crisis. The US Curve of Phillips is alive : l'échec de la divine coïncidence. To better understand what is behind the flattening, let’s take a look at the relationship between the output deviation and the output gap. If you are … The simple cloth face coverings recommended by the CDC can be made at home from common household materials. We changed the classification of our salaried, exempt employees to non-exempt. All these practices must be consistent with official health mandates applicable to the location and employers must of course stay abreast of continually evolving guidance. … Gloves and gowns should be compatible with the disinfectant products being used. Not only does the EEOC warn employers not to engage in disparate treatment on a protected basis when offering such flexibilities, you need to consider whether doing so could require you to offer remote work as an ADA reasonable accommodation to that employees or others similarly situated at some point in the future. Only if the they reasonably believe they will be in imminent danger as provided under the OSH Act. The employer makes a cash payment before January 1, 2021. If rehired, the original employer must file a new petition if it has notified USCIS of the prior termination. Rarely, animal coronaviruses can evolve and infect people and then spread between people such as has been seen with recent outbreaks of MERS and SARS. : Create protocols including frequency of cleaning of work stations and common areas, increased sanitizing stations, inventory and restocking requirements, and disposal of PPE in accordance with WHO/CDC/OSHA guidelines. If an employer had more FTEs on February 15, 2020 than the average FTEs between February 15, 2020 and April 26, 2020, so long as you restore the FTE count to what is was as of February 15, 2020, the safe harbor is met and you will avoid a reduction in forgiveness based on a reduction in FTEs within the covered period. Does a furloughed employee have to abide by the duty of loyalty? If an employee had accrued paid sick or family leave pursuant to a state or local law, chances are that balance must be made available to the employee when they return to work. The SBA has clarified that “a service for the distribution of transportation refers to transportation utility fees assessed by state and local governments.” These are the only “transportation” costs eligible for forgiveness. In addition to general employee relations concerns that may arise where employees discuss pay among themselves, you need to ensure your compensation decisions are based on legitimate, non-discriminatory business reasons. Particularly for self-insured plans, the combinations are endless. Within the FFCRA, for example, EPSL is in addition to paid sick leave requirements enacted at the state or local level. Federal and state laws that prohibit discrimination because of an actual or perceived disability may also be relevant. For further information, contact your Fisher Phillips attorney or any member of the FP Post-Pandemic Strategy Group. A group of federal agencies clarified that general workplace health and safety screening tests not intended primarily for individual COVID-19 diagnosis or treatment are beyond the scope of the FFCRA, and therefore, not required to be covered without cost-sharing. If the eligibility requirements during the pandemic differ from the eligibility rules in your plan document, or if you decided to offer telehealth benefits, you should review the plan document with legal counsel to determine whether an amendment or a summary of material modifications is required. Should we allow it? It is highly likely that upon international travel to get a new visa stamp, while applying for an extension of status, or applying for permanent residence, the maintenance of status issues will be closely examined by USCIS or the Consulate before granting immigration benefits. With respect to retirement plans, you may have partially terminated 401(k) plans based on how many people were laid off. UPDATED QUESTION & ANSWER (May 8, 2020)What accommodations should we consider to eliminate or reduce a direct threat to self? Finally, you need to make sure that when employees return to work and their normal facilities, they bring with them company-sensitive information that they developed or worked on when they were working from home so that it can be stored on company systems, devices, and accounts. Thus, employers who employ minors should reexamine applicable federal and state laws prior to implementing their return-to-work policies, particularly as related to the subjects below: What are the risk factors for non-union employers as they ramp up operations? The suspension on entry is limited to foreign nationals who: were outside of the country on the effective date of proclamation; did not have a valid nonimmigrant visa on the effective date of this proclamation; and did not have an official travel document other than a visa that is valid on the effective date of the proclamation. There is a popular misconception that unions tend to launch their efforts from outside the organization by way of paid professional organizers, but experience tells us that most businesses are actually organized from within (i.e., from their own workers). The same guidance as above applies. While the return-to-work period may be a good opportunity to review personnel files for completeness, your staff may not have the bandwidth to tackle a complete review. The safe harbor for wage reductions is to restore an employee’s average hourly rate or salary to the February 15, 2020 level by December 31, 2020 or the date your loan forgiveness application is submitted, whichever is earlier. If you do not spend the entirety of the loan amount during the covered period, and elect to retain the remaining amount, the remaining amount may still only be used for the expressly allowed purposes. If you require employees to wear face coverings, you should pay for them. If you have adopted the Break-in-Service method, you must treat an employee who has had LESS than a 13 consecutive week break-in-service as a continuing employee and may treat an employee who has had a 13+ consecutive week break-in-service as a new employee. W elcome to the Capital Note, a newsletter (coming soon) about finance and economics.On the menu today: Dollar Dominance, Euro Strength, and Japan’s Phillips Curve. This is especially important to ensure consistency within each worksite and across multiple worksites. UPDATED QUESTION AND ANSWER (July 14, 2020)When can we apply for loan forgiveness? An employee who has taken all such leave and then changes employers is not entitled to additional EPSL from his or her new employer. UPDATED ANSWER (May 21, 2020)What do we expect from ICE regarding I-9 inspections? The model is the version of the New Keynesian model described in the third chapter of Galí 2015. The Phillips curve described earlier, however, can be thought of as a simpler statistical model for predicting inflation from past inflation and economic activity. UPDATED QUESTION & ANSWER (April 30, 2020)Do foreign national employees qualify for unemployment benefits? Such creative compensation solutions must be structured carefully to avoid undesirable tax consequences. Possible questions for the employee may include: (1) how the disability creates a  limitation, (2) how the requested accommodation will effectively address the limitation, (3) whether another form of accommodation could effectively address the issue, and (4) how a proposed accommodation will enable the employee to continue performing the “essential functions” of their position (that is, the fundamental job duties). However, rehires may regain employer-sponsored coverage(s) more quickly than a new hire depending on: 1) plan document terms; 2) the length of time between separation from service and rehire; and 3) whether the employer is an applicable large employer subject to ACA employer mandates. As new hires from other industries and jurisdictions join the ranks of returning workers, another risk factor is potentially introduced through those employees who have yet to experience the unique benefits of a “direct dealing” workplace culture. As explained above, we generally recommend that any changes in salary not occur more often than quarterly. Guidance from federal agencies confirms that no-cost items and services required under FFCRA and CARES Act can be disregarded for specified MHPAEA compliance purposes. Further, the tester could have a face shield in case someone sneezes or coughs.

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