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Bayard Canada is a Canadian company with a unique shareholder in the religious community of les Pères Augustins de l’Assomption. Bayard Canada is a communications and media company, publishing books and magazines, with web content and digital products. It is part of an international media group with a unique history that goes back 140 years.

Bayard’s trademark stands for editorial excellence and innovation at the service of demanding readers of all ages - from toddlers to teens and young adults to seniors. Inspired by the Assumptionists, every one of our initiatives seeks to reflect and promote positive values rooted in the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of life.


Our History

In 1991, Bayard Canada set up its head office in Montreal. It is truly coast to coast, as it publishes in both official languages. Our publications include youth magazines, such as Owl, Chickadee and Chirp, as well as J’aime lire and Les Débrouillards in French; Prions en Église and Living with Christ under the Novalis brand, as well as Good Times and Le Bel Age for seniors.

Bayard Canada employs over 125 people in both Montreal and Toronto.