Tools for Schools


This section of the Living with Christ website will have all kinds of ways in which teachers can make use of many of the elements from the missalette in the classroom.

While it is very important to have Living with Christ as part of your prayer corner, it is more important that it be an integral part of children's daily prayer.

We hope that you will come back often to be supported by the new suggestions that we will draw from original writings as well as Novalis publications.

Tips for Elementary Teachers: How to use Living with Christ in the classroom

You will find in Living with Christ, not only all the church’s appointed readings for each day of the month, but also information about that month’s feast days, often a prayer outline for your classroom and an introduction to each Sunday’s readings.

From Words for the Journey for Kids by Lisa Freemantle and Les Miller

Here's an Advent activity for younger learners!

From Words for the Journey for Teens, by Lisa Freemantle, Les Miller and Melinda Rapallo-Ferrara

The awareness of the world's needs makes this a great Advent activity for teenagers.