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Tips for Elementary Teachers: How to use Living with Christ in the classroom

You will find in Living with Christ, not only all the church’s appointed readings for each day of the month, but also information about that month’s feast days, often a prayer outline for your classroom and an introduction to each Sunday’s readings.


Here are a few suggestions about using this Living with Christ missalette in your elementary classroom.

  •  If you have a Bible on your prayer table/ centre in your classroom and if it is physically possible, gather your students around the centre each morning before class prayer. Then, using the missalette, find the day’s appointed readings. Dependent upon the age of your students, read the gospel of the day (or sometimes the first reading ) but usually only one. You might ask the students what they have heard and what the message was for them. Lead the class in your usual morning prayer; incorporate what was in the reading or their reflection into your prayer.

  • On Fridays you can prepare the students for Sunday Mass by reading at least the gospel and maybe the first reading to them. (The second reading is not related to the gospel while the first reading usually is.) For a brief 2-3 minutes have a discussion about the gospel.

  • Use the missalette to find the readings for an appointed day when it is your turn to prepare a class or school prayer service or Mass.

  • When you need information about a liturgical season or a saint it is all in Living with Christ. The missalette does not replace the classroom Bible. But it does offer you a handy, easy – to – use resource for the daily scripture readings, the liturgical year and feast days, as well as an outline for a class prayer service.

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