A large brake rotor with a large hub will work but the hub will still not be as large as even an average-sized brake drum. $128.14. KIC Trident Series Lightweight Composite Steel Shell Brake Drum. Description. vs. standard full-cast drums on a typical tractor/trailer application, while offering the same superior performance characteristics as Gunite’s standard full-cast drums. Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performance Right for your vehicle and lifestyle. We export our products to over 100 countries around the world. Make Offer. Code: 833-A23222T2126KIT . However, there is a movement to air disc brakes and it’s accelerating. Class8TruckParts.com has a huge selection of Genuine Volvo Truck Brake Drums and Accessories for your Volvo Truck. per axle compared to standard cast iron drums. 5. $32.66 - $126.98. Oddly enough, the easy-duty application may dish up more problems than severe service, because very little heat is generated in the brakes. The 60000-018 KICast™ optimized cast iron brake drum rounds out the offering with a state-of-the-art optimized design. KIC’s Next Generation Trident® series brake drums address the need for a lightweight brake drum that will help North America’s trailer fleets cut costs and maximize payloads. We then applied the proven TruTurn “turned-to-balance” manufacturing process. 10009920, Brake Drum 15" x 4" - Gunite 3800X, Conmet 107164, Meritor 85123448002, Webb 65548, Mack 339833800X, Automann 151.5403BA. Heavy Duty Truck. Used semi truck brake drums = rotating welding table. NOTICE: Brake drums should be replaced in pairs to achieve the same braking power on the axle. Non-Steering Axle Brakes Title 49 CFR § 393.47(d)(2) states that the thickness of the brake lining and pads of non-steering axle brakes on an air braked commercial motor vehicle shall not be less than 6.4 mm (1/4 inch).If disc brakes are used, the minimum thickness is 3.2 mm (1/8 inch). The Gunite Silver Lightweight drum is the lightest standard full-cast brake drum at 99.5 lbs. The rotor is cracked. The Trident® composite steel shell brake drum saves up to 45 lbs. The Trident® composite steel shell brake drum saves up to 45 lbs. 6. BRAKE DRUM RE-BORE LIMITS AND/OR MAXIMUM WEAR DIAMETER. OTR trucks might see 125-150 degrees in the brakes … Imprint. Heavy Duty Brake Shoes by Centric®. The result is a lightweight drum that will perform mile after mile. The harder linings are the reason you hear a lot of the newer trucks brakes squealing. Today, Gunite continues to be the industry standard with heavy-duty brake drums as standard equipment with more OEMs than any other brake drum manufacturer. We started with a design that maximizes stiffness but uses less material. Since 1923, Gunite has been designing and manufacturing brake drums for the heavy-duty commercial vehicle industry. drum: drum-front brake,1h o54cm 878 91: abp n42a154b drum: drum/x30ltwt: abp n42a1658625b drum: drum 1h o65tt 878 937 110 .50: cm 10014756 drum: drum - 16.5x5 balanced: abp n42a1655bpi drum: drum 16.5 x 8.62 cmi trlr truturn: cm 10025912 drum After an unproductive search at his local welding shop, Mike Korth began to wonder if he’d ever get his hands on what he needed. per axle compared to standard cast iron drums. KIC’s Next Generation Trident® series brake drums address the need for a lightweight brake drum that will help North America’s trailer fleets cut costs and maximize payloads. TruTurn Brake Drums are precision-machined inside and out, which improves drum strength by eliminating the need for weld-on weights and balance cuts. Gunite engineered and manufactured the standard full-cast Value Plus Brake Drum to meet the demanding requirements of the heavy-duty trucking aftermarket, at a lower price than OE-original brake drums. This results in a drum that is inherently balanced, eliminating the need for weld-on weights or balance cuts. That's why all Alliance™ Parts brake drums, brake shoes & kits, spring brakes & chambers and more are designed to provide safe, dependable operation. Valued for their quality and performance, Gunite 3600A® standard full-cast brake drums meet the requirements of all North American truck and trailer OEMs. Free shipping. If you are unsure what products are compatible with your Volvo Truck needs, please contact us. The brake drum is known to have been severely overheated. H-25. All rights reserved. Professional™ Brake Drum by ACDelco®. Privacy Policy. Replacement of the rotor is required if any of the following conditions exist: 1. If hydraulic disc, drum or electric brakes are used, the minimum thickness is 1.6 mm (1/16 inch). The drum brakes now use shoes with a harder lining to achieve shorter stopping distances and actually out perform disc brakes by 12-13%. Note: The brake drum was free but it took visits to several garages to find it because brake drums are harder to find now that disc brakes are becoming more common on the rear wheels of new cars. BRAKE DRUMS. You should get able to get an idea of how the drum is stuck by trying to … A drum can crack when the parking brake is set while the brakes are extremely hot. indicated on the drawing below. Accuride Corporation, 7140 Office Circle, Evansville, Indiana 47715 They also provide better balance with trailer braking systems (which typically use drums), aiding stability. weight savings for a tractor/trailer combination. Drums have been the brake of choice for many trucks, but air disc brakes (ADBs) continue to gain popularity in nearly all heavy-duty on-road applications. POPULAR TRAILER BRAKE DRUMS TRP Application Weight DB1657U 16.5” x 7”, Hub Pilot, 8.78” Pilot - Unbal-anced 105 lbs DB66893U 16.5” x 7”, Outboard Mount 8.53” Pilot 113 lbs DB67518U 16.5” x 7”, Inboard Mount for Spoke Wheels 100 lbs DB62200U 16.5” x 7”, … semi truck brake drums, semi truck brake drums Suppliers and Manufacturers at Alibaba.com High Quality Customized Brake Drum Rear for Trucks US $27.00-$37.00 / Piece 1000 Pieces (Min. KIC’s proven line of aftermarket full-cast brake drums covers most truck, trailer and transit applications. Semi Truck Trailer Parts / Wheel Brake Drum 10 Holes Balanced; Wheel Brake Drum 10 Holes Balanced. Make Offer. 5 Ways How to Remove a Stuck Brake Drum: Video tutorial on the five different ways to remove a stuck drum on a brake assembly. Semi Truck. Gunite- and KIC-brand brake drums are available for any application, OEM-standard, lightweight, bus/transit, heavy-duty, and aftermarket. 5701 SE Columbia Way, Vancouver, WA 98661. Paula Barbour. Watch this short video to know how to identify and measure a brake drum. By. ACDelco Professional™ Semi-Metallic Brake Pads are designed to meet OE standards for fit, form, and function, and they are engineered to help resist corrosion and premature wear. Drum brakes may be found at both the front and back of older vehicles and most Heavy-duty trucks and trailers although, disc brakes are quickly becoming the standard on new HD trucks and trailers. The very same drum is also available in the aftermarket. The cooling drum contracted on the brake shoes with enough force to crack the drum. BRAKE DRUM DATA SHEET : TM 9-2330-326-14&P. Email a Friend Favorites List View Larger SKU ... California Proposition 65 Disclaimer. Fetching our lowest price... FREE GROUND SHIPPING. With each stop, TruTurn brake drums maintain lower temperature rises, extending durability, and improving brake performance. For starters, mandates put in place several years ago (see sidebar) significantly beefed up the stopping power of both S-cam drum brakes – still the most widely-used braking system in trucking – and air disc brakes (ADBs), which are lately experiencing an uptick in demand here in the U.S. Cast Lite® Brake Drums FIGURE 2 TruTurn® Brake Drums ConMet ® TruTurn brake drums are precision machined over 95% of their surface area. DuraBrake 16231 Brake Drum (interchanges with Webb 66231F) $545.00. If you need help with choosing your brake drums, please contact us.Please have your truck serial number ready when you contact us to ensure we quote you the correct replacement parts. This is for your standard American trailer brake drum or drive axle drum. ConMet semi truck brake drums are designed for superior performance and long life through our patented, industry-tested technologies found in TruTurn® and TruTurn Lite™. ConMet is a registered trademark of Consolidated Metco, Inc. Patented Gunite GOLD lightweight cast brake drums are the lightest in the industry. Brake drums have been replaced by rotors on most cars built after 1998, but can still be found on the road today in older designs. Watson & Chalin A23222T2126 12.75" x 4" Air Brake Shoe Kit, Includes 2 Shoes and Hardware. This information is furnished to advise the importance of the re-bore limits and/or maximum wear. TruTurn Lite drums are up to 10% lighter than standard drums. Some Popular Trident® part numbers. $174.59 ConMet semi truck brake drums are designed for superior performance and long life through our patented, industry-tested technologies found in TruTurn ® and TruTurn Lite ™. Nothing Wong with them just … in this market segment and provides a 100 lb. Brake drums have a wear limit which is the maximum inside diameter the brake drum is allowed to be. Brake Drums. The brake drum is out-of-round enough that truing would exceed rebore limit. 80005-018 How did we do it? Quick View. 2. Drum brakes are imperative to slowing down and stopping vehicles in older automobiles. © Accuride Corporation. brake drums (suit 360mm x 200mm brakes) brake drums (suit 420mm x 180mm brakes) TruTurn ® Brake Drums TruTurn Brake Drums are precision-machined inside and out, which improves drum strength by eliminating the need for weld-on weights and balance cuts. Brakes & Wheel End. Order) This number is often cast on the outside of the drum it's allowed to be 422.1 millimeters or sixteen point six two inches. Conmet 10009920 Brake Drum - 15" x 4", 11.25" Bolt Circle Diameter, 10 Bolt Holes, 8.78" Pilot Diameter, 9.04" Overall Depth. Not only are these drums stronger, but they offer advantages such as better thermal expansion for reduced brake pulsing, and improved heat transfer, so the drum and its lining stay cool. - Webb 14.50 x 6.00 Brake Drum 64117B. Class8truckparts is your one stop shop for quality brake drums. Depending on how the drum is stuck will affect which method is needed to remove the drum. They work in a similar fashion by creating friction between the pads and the drums to slow the rotation of the wheel which will stop the vehicle. When you start talking brakes and trucking safety, there’s good news to be had. KIC drums are approved for use by many of the largest transit authorities. Have you ever needed a specialty part and then struggled to find one? ConMet’s Cast Iron Brake Drums are available for a wide range of heavy-duty vehicle applications. With years of experience in product design and government procurement, KIC can work with distributors to service most transit authorities on a just-in-time basis. Site by Gray Loon. Part number 123.61040 Manufacturer A wide variety of brake drums used for heavy trucks options are available to you, such as truck model, car fitment. $50.00. Alibaba.com offers 203 brake drums used for heavy trucks products. Compared to disc brakes, drum brakes are generally more durable, requiring fewer lining replacements in a given period. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by ACDelco features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. This dimension is cast on our brake drums as. From the outside, the drum will be the only visible part of the brake system, even with the wheel off. Daimler Trucks chose to make 16½x8-5/8-inch drum brakes standard on drive axles for Freightliners and Western Stars. diameter as shown on our Webb brake drums. “Current [ADB] market penetration is in the 12% to 15% range for power units and 8% to 10% for trailers,” said John Thompson, sales manager CV NAFTA, for TMD Friction, supplier of commercial vehicle brake friction, brake pads and linings to both … © Copyright Consolidated Metco, Inc. All rights reserved. Brake Drums. Machining the drum inside and out also improves performance due to Brake Drums – Brake drums are bowl-shaped, and the friction surface is on the inside of the drum. About 1% of these are Auto Brake Drums, 2% are Trailer Parts & Accessories, and 0% are Other Motorcycle Body Systems. Brakes are serious business for heavy-duty trucks and busses, and you want to feel good about the parts stopping your rig when you need it. 1/15/2014. Featuring rugged construction and quality components to reduce corrosion and equipment failure, you can rely on … Part number 660003700 Manufacturer O & K ORENSTEIN & KEPPEL INC Description BRAKE DRUM ... Non-Returnable, BRAKE DRUM - New, Genuine, First Quality, OEM more info... Our price. Brake Drum Hub Pilot * High Quality Brake Drum Hub Pilot * 10 Hole Balanced * Light Weight * Made In The USA * Replaces OEM # GUN3922X, 3922X * Sold Individually * Warranty On Brake Diaphram Against Defects In Workmanship and Material From Date Of Purchase *** High Quality After Market Replacement Part (Not OEM)*** Comparable in weight to steel shell composite brake drums, Gunite GOLD brake drums save as much as 170 lb. - DuraBrake 16231 Brake Drum (interchanges with Webb 66231F) Brake Drum Part # 67537F. Rigorous specifications and precision machining eliminate vibrations and ensure optimum performance, longer brake service life, and better overall ride. When consistent performance, safety and quality matter, there is one clear choice. ConMet TruTurn Lite brake drums provide all of the benefits of TruTurn, but in a lightweight package. 80002-018.
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