Medium format: resolution is there, dynamic range is not, color accuracy is not (but it’s pleasing, at least). The weather-sealing is incredible, so you’ll never need to worry about shooting in dust or snow. 5DsR still lags, true. I was thinking of the rear AE Lock (*) Button, which should lock exposure in any metering mode. I personally thought the camera felt a bit more solid, and there was no popup flash to accidentally deploy and break. I’ve been looking for insurance in this part of the world for the last 10-odd years – nothing that doesn’t require a 25% premium, which is crazy. I think in your D810 review I read that it was the camera that needed the least color corrections from all the cameras you tested so far. eli may have found the problem behind the (way) less than stellar images used by almost all manufacturers in their ads; … the images are most likely chosen by the marketing department rather than photographers. I don’t think we are many who haven’t had an affair with a system that is different and better in some fields than what our present system may muster. And a full 5DSR mirror/shutter vibration test:, Thanks – the direction of travel of the shutter would explain why we see that when using the optical finder, but it doesn’t explain why it still happens in live view with EFC…. I’m a Nikon shooter (vanilla D800), with a bunch of Nikon lenses, but no Otuses. I can only tell what I saw at my fellow photographers: Nikon has a real issue with WB, colors rendering etc. Doug, I tried both of those things. Ming…as a D800e owner who still feels unsure to upgrade to the D810…and read your past D810/D800e reviews…was just curious if there was anything you like or like about the D800e over the newer D810?? Excellent articles, although I’m a little sad that a comprehensive part two never came about. You may be on to something, at least to a certain extent and in certain circumstances. In total, I shot three assignments, one workshop and north of 10,000 frames with it. Really, shutter shock exists – but you’ll rarely see it on an exposure long enough to warrant a tripod – due to the cumulative nature of the exposure. and don’t normally print above 13×19. Agreed – right down to the fully Beyerdynamic Dt 880 Pro, College Coaches Showcase Camp Reviews, Mpow Ps4 Gaming Headset, Ravensburger Tower Of Babel 9000, New Zealand Landscape Supplies, Can You Join Team Rocket In Pokémon Go, Tree Mallow Edible, Awesome Window Manager Vs I3,