I normally have a hard time eating healthy foods but with KCal’s menu everything is delicious without compromising the taste and the ingredients. Have only positives to say about all at kcal, but especially Salwa who has been pivotal to me. If you signed up for "Plan with consultation", you’ll have a scheduled weigh-in appointment before your plan ends. Whether for weight loss, weight maintenance or weight gain, we have a plan to suits you! Thumbs up for a job well done! Prices start from AED2,450 for a 20 day (5 week) programme, but you can also order single dishes from its regular menu. Please note that card payments made via our drivers incur a AED 45 processing fee. I developed hypothyroid condition during my pregnancy and started putting on a lot of weight. to us through their meal plans & also great support system like Sheryl who has been looking after me & not just that she has been one of the key factors in my road to a healthy better me. You’ll need to notify your account manager or request for your plan to be frozen on the e-tools section on our website. After that, I gained a lot of weight. Right from the kickoff, their wellness advisor Ms Omnia was absolutely professional, customer service oriented, patient. It should just take a few days for your body to adjust to your new diet but following that, if you still feel hungry, please speak to a Kcal Extra nutritionist and your plan can be amended as required. Every time I need clarifications, advices and options, she gives me the best and most practical options I could have. We'd love to hear from you :) Dubai. We’re serious about your weight loss goals and want you to enjoy the best possible results. A healthy taste of every continent with all your favourites. And if that isn’t enough, every single plan, is personalised to near the exact calories you require. I love the variety, the food and the fact that I don’t crave other things when I’m on it. ©2020 — Kcal Healthy Fast Food & Kcal Extra. All our monthly plans are bespoke, designed especially to address your individual needs and personal goals. When signing up on our website, we’ll ask you about your likes, dislikes and allergies and if having a consultation with a Kcal Extra nutritionist, you’ll discuss these at your appointment. Caitlyn Davey. Absolutely! When you sign up with Kcal Extra, you can choose from the following options of duration and meal delivery frequency: We're serious about helping you reach your weight loss goals. It’s a lifestyle. When your plan starts, we’ll also send you a guide with all details. You can register by clicking. I also battled cravings, especially for sugar and ate a lot of junk food. I was full of energy, the color returned to my cheeks, my mood was upbeat. I was told by my doctor that there is no cure for this and I would need to be on medication for the rest of my life. Kcal food doesn’t just provide healthier options. I started Kcal about 15 days ago and I already lost 2kg. We want to help you maintain your weight loss as well. There is a great variation to the menu, but if you get something you don’t like then you. The core of the offering is balanced meals with only natural ingredients: no preservatives, no cans, no hormones...treated organically to act as a natural detox to the whole system... Read More. getting a good balance! The food is extremely delicious with a huge variety of tastes and cuisines – I feel like my mum is cooking for me again - and I never experience any digestive problems. I don’t have to think what to eat anymore , kcal has it planned. Meet with the Eupepsia clinical dietitian for a consultation and we will help you choose the right meal plan for you or call us to select your meal plan, Recieve your meal bag within 72 hours and enjoy the benefits. Something went wrong please refresh the page and try again. one of their account manager who is PRO in assisting and providing excellent service to her client. Our lowest calorie level is 1,000 calories per day and our highest is 2,300 calories. Diet Food Delivery Dubai Low Carb Dieting the Truth: Part One ...ketosis. Our food is healthy, wholesome, nutritious and tasty, full stop! Free from animal protein, packed with flavour. As it stands today, we have eight restaurants offering dine in, delivery and takeaway. When possible however, we do recommend you try to fight any hunger and stick to your plan to enjoy the greatest results. We help you develop a healthy relationship with food and support you in building an active and balanced lifestyle. Even if you know what you're doing, a week's worth of meal prep and healthy food can still take an entire afternoon. Download your FREE If you're trying to lose weight I recommend Kcal diet plan. We test diet deliveries in Dubai Within the 28 days of the plan, I lost 3.4kg and that was without exercise. are freshly cooked, wholesome and tasty all at the same time. I was underweight and felt down, depressed. We replace processed and artificial foods with foods that are natural, wholesome and nutrient-rich. Kcal Extra nutritionists are on hand to ensure you select the right plan for you based on your optimal daily calorie intake, age, height, current weight, gender and activity level. Thanks for Anas from the call center team and Sruthi account manager for their support and professionalism. But you also know creating a healthy meal plan and prepping your meals for the entire week can be a pain in the glutes. We started with healthy food delivery in JLT, Dubai and have since grown to Abu Dhabi – but we won’t stop; we are now planning to expand beyond the Middle East and spread the healthy message across the world. Equally, I felt very energetic, more positive about life, my moods were stable. I looked healthier to the point that all my friends were asking me what have I done to my face, to look so healthy and fresh. Because we have over 21000 happy customers who love how Kcal Extra helps them! But Kcal was able to provide me with my needs with the help of my Account Manager, From the start had nothing but awesome support. The staff are very friendly especially Alma who is always there to answer to my inquiries. Theos Food Blog. You can. I felt tired all the times, experienced difficulty in going up and down the stairs, as well as joint and lower back pain – and overall pain points throughout the body. Your own account manager will apply these changes and inform you if you exceed your daily calorie limit. A fast-growing trend, food delivery services promise to help you shift the pounds We test diet deliveries in Dubai Published: June 01, 2012 00:00 Aquarius magazine If you dislike a particular dish, we can swap it for another with similar nutritional values. We do have several discounts on offer (Terms and Conditions apply): We recommend you stay hydrated by drinking a minimum of two to three liters of water per day. Meals are so tasty, convenient, and although the portions sometimes look small, it always fills me up. Our morning slot is between 4am and 9am and our evening slot is between 4pm and 10pm. I reached out to Eupepsia and Theo’s Point and they recommended a meal plan tailor-made for my condition. Am I allowed to drink coffee, tea or fruit juices? That’s why we offer a wide range of different fresh food diet plans delivered directly to your door! simply tell your advisor and it’s taken off. Chooses how many meals you want per order 12, 18 or 24. Keep it up KCal team. kick start your weight management journey with our 5 day program. Really great, This is a fantastic program for those that struggle with weight loss. If you’d like to sample our food before committing, why not drop by a Kcal Healthy Fast Food restaurant? Posted on 11.04.19 by jane. Check out our plans and choose the one that best matches your fitness goals, along with the frequency of your food delivery. If you select "Plan without consultation" (Set-to-go), we can start your plan in as little as three business days. Who uses the Kcal Extra meal delivery service? Each Kcal Extra plan is individually priced. On his journey, Theo met many people, and they all complained about some minor physical problems and a lack of energy... Theo’s approach to weight management is very different. When drinking coffee or tea, try taking it without sugar or milk.. During your plan, we recommend that you don’t go out for lunch or dinner. There’s a Dhs5 per day delivery fee in Dubai, and a Dhs300 monthly surcharge for deliveries to Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman. All Rights Reserved. Control your blood sugar with low GI meals. However, he always respected people’s ideas and e... To help active people to achieve the best athletic performance physically while maintaining emotional and mental bala... To help mothers-to-be achieve optimal health for themselves and nourish their growing child within, Theo developed th... On his journey, Theo took up the challenge to understand why people find it very difficult to fall asleep, why they s... As part of his research, Theo uncovered that a plant-based diet can be a really good option for certain people at spe... On his way, and in the Far East, Theo came across a very interesting diet that could be very helpful in providing a k... More and more, Theo caught on to the fact that intolerances had become a big topic in our modern society. Everything is customized based on what I like and dislike. There's no company in UAE who can deliver service like Kcal Extra. If you select the "Plan with consultation", your plan will start around three business days after your initial appointment with a Kcal Extra nutritionist. We need at least three business days to put your plan on hold. I started the medication but experienced deep fatigue, depression, weight gain and joint pain. Fit Family (10% off); for families to enjoy the plan together, Refer a friend (AED 200 off for each referral upon renewal): as a thank you for spreading the word about Kcal Extra, Partner in health (10% off for your first month): for companies partnered with Kcal (contact your company HR for more information or if you would like your company to be one of our partners in health), Extended sign up (up to 10% off): for those who wish to sign up for plans lasting 8-12 weeks at a time. Satisfaction Guaranteed. I leave my house for work at 6am and my food is already here and I’ve packed brekkie and lunch and snacks into my lunchbox and am out the door in minutes. Ms. Sheryl has been my account manager since I started with kcal. Best experience. I Have been with Kcal for a year now and I must say I have a quite complex preferences. We can also arrange for a Kcal Extra nutritionist to give you call before starting your plan. So, one single diet plan isn’t going to help everyone. Simple! Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & 2 snacks. Operation and delivery side Mr Helmy is spot on at his tuen. I got quite sick at one point and my doctor advised me to remove the band. You'll be asked to tell us about any food intolerances, likes and dislikes when completing the form. Thank you guys. What if I don't want to see the nutritionist? The food is really tasty and fills you up. Build your own meals by choosing your Protein, Carb and veggies. Through a special detox meal plan that I was on for 4 months I was finally able to loose the needed 7 kg of toxins, which I never put back on. Our "Athlete" plan is the best plan for you! Choose the preferred category (heavy, lite or “meals for her”). We have a wide variety of customers, all sharing a common factor: Kcal Extra customers want to invest in their health, whether via weight loss, weight maintenance, and muscle gain or simply to enjoy a healthy and wholesome diet. But I think what moved me the most is when I went to visit my mom, whom I had not seen for a few months, and instead of her usual concern for my health, she was beaming with a huge, happy smile on her face, and said I looked like a different person. We’ll then add up the remaining days of your plan and re-start delivering your meals on your return. “The Fit Food Kitchen” is here to help you reach that! Most Kcal Extra customers lose anything from 3 to 8 kilos per month. Delivery schedules depend on your specific location but in the event that you’re not available to receive it, we can leave it on your doorstep or deliver to an alternative location. Our health food is compiled by genuine nutritionists. Daily delivery at the same time, even during quarantine, as promised. Because we know what your body needs for a successful cleanse. We also need your contact details to organize delivery of your meals at a time that suits you. We intentionally limit the numbers of clients assigned to each account manager to ensure you receive the service you deserve. Celebrating its fifth business anniversary in 2017, Diet House is a totally original healthy-eating concept established by Mr. Adel Al Ansari and Mr. Jabor Al Kuwari in 2012. Kcal Extra came as a natural extension to Kcal healthy fast food. The first meal delivery service in the UAE, Right Bite prides itself on all-natural, fresh gourmet food, free of any artificial colors and preservatives. I always struggled with weight. We’re serious about helping you. By meeting with a Kcal Extra nutritionist, we can learn about your food preferences, eating habits and lifestyle. Amazing food! You can pay online with your credit or debit card or if you prefer, you can drop off payment at our head office or request that our driver collect your payment from anywhere within Dubai. I have reached my desired weight a while back, however they are great for anyone who doesn’t have time to cook and wants to, Been with Kcal on & off for 5 years almost. Regular well-balanced meals regulate your blood sugar levels, which in turn reduce cravings and hunger levels. Highly recommended and very convenient especially during this times. Yes. Would recommend it to anyone looking to eat well and save time (and money tbh). I would lose weight and gain weight, like a yo-yo. She is accommodating and approachable, and I can rely on with anything relevant to my account and experience. Diet Delights’ broad range of programs and services fulfils the wellness needs of members and the wellness goals of the community.
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