Accessed February 06, 2019. Look for them in rich, fertile, moist soil. All parts of the stinging nettle are beneficial, and edible, in their own ways. How about using it in your garden! See below 😉 ), *If you’re super sensitive or need to go slow with new foods or supplements*, Start with 1/4 cup of dried nettle in a quart of water, and after steeping and straining, start with drinking 1/4 cup of the infusion once or twice a day and increase from there if you feel it’s appropriate for you 😉. Dried nettles can also be given to animals. You might find that you like your nettle infusion better one way than the other. In addition, it has been reported that some people have experienced mild stomach upset or loose stool after using nettle. The ancient Romans and Greeks cultivated huge amounts of nettle. It is energizing, restores key body systems and is safe and effective. Nettle infusion is the energy of the Earth. Consuming only one cup is potent enough to ward off health issues like inflammation, seasonal allergies, weak immune system, indigestion, skin irritation, etc. Accessed February 06, 2019. The naming of nettles tells us a bit more about it. Recipe for Nettle & Oatstraw Infusion This is one of my favourite infusions as it’s so delicious and mineralising. Not in to using a stinging nettle infusion on your hair? Stinging Nettle Infusion: Benefits, Recipe, & Helpful Tips. Reliance on any information provided by this article is solely at your own risk. Nettle is a diuretic and a purgative. Boil 1 liter of clean, non-chlorinated water (well or fresh harvested spring water is best) and pour over the dried herbs. Any given stinging nettle plant may have one or both types of blooms. We strive to produce, prepare, and preserve our own food and medicine, and we hope you do, too! Stinging nettle is abundant with vitamins and minerals. This is where herbal infusions really shine! 1  Over time, our foods have been slowly losing their nutrients. Nettles contain high amounts of silica and sulfur, and are rich in vitamins A, B2, C, D and K. They also contain generous amounts of iron and chlorophyll. While isolated vitamins and supplements are created or processed in laboratories and can actually create imbalances over time, herbal infusions are the ultimate food-based supplement. Tinctures can be prepared using 40% alcohol. This is a plant with a long and widespread history. When made into a standalone infusion, expect bold herbaceous notes with earthy, sweet, minty undertones - a true delight to the senses. I lived in Alaska for 35 years and one of the wild plants everywhere there; is stinging nettles. I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist and have a degree in Human Services, but my most important job is being a wife and mom.  My goal is to provide others with researched and reliable natural health information just for women so you too can live…. We’re constantly sharing, discovering, and working together to test new paths for sustainable living—while reconnecting with the “old ways” that are slipping away in our modern world. I call the nettle infusions the “shining star” for most people. Many use this tonic for relief from adrenal fatigue symptoms, anemia, allergies, liver health, hormone balance, and so much more! “It’s Not Just a Prickly Plant: Stinging Nettle Benefits.” Dr. Axe. Other Common Names: Nettle, common nettle, burn weed, burn hazel, burn nettle, stingers, devil leaf, Actions: Adaptogen, alterative, anti-tumor, anti-spasmodic, astringent, counterirritant (mucous membranes), diuretic, emmenagogue, expectorant, galactagogue, hemostatic, hypotensive, nutritive, trophorestorative (kidney/adrenal), vermifuge, Plant Uses: Allergies, arthritis, asthma, blood deficiency, eczema, fatigue, hypothyroidism, menstrual cramps, seasonal allergies, sluggish metabolism, urinary tract infections, weak hair/teeth/bones, Plant Preparations: Food, freeze-dried, juice, nourishing herbal infusions, tea, leaf tincture, seed tincture, seed wine, dried seeds, root tincture, pills, tablets, cream, Toxicities/Warnings: Sting from fresh plant, possible allergic reaction. Stinging Nettle is not a drug, but a plant such as spinach. Indeed, many of nettle’s medicinal properties may stem from its ability to fulfill the body’s nutrient requirements. Other benefits of nettle infusions: Nettles support blood sugar balance and regulation[mfn]Bouchentouf, S. et al (2018) Identification of phenolic compounds from nettle as new … A typical dosage would be 2 to 6 milliliters 3 times a day. A quart of nettle infusion contains more than 1,000 milligrams of calcium, 5,000 IU of vitamin A, 760 milligrams of vitamin K, 15 milligrams of iron, and most B vitamins. Susun Weed and her granddaughter, Monica Jean demonstrate making a nourishing herbal infusion using stinging nettle. While most of the concerns we hear are probably the result of ever-repeating, ever-exaggerated warnings, it is plausible that in very large doses, nettles could influence the odds of a miscarriage. While not dangerous, it can still be quite painful. And be sure to try both a warm and a cold version. Stinging nettle herb naturally promotes radiant health. Their contribution to human culture, food, and medicines cannot be overstated. “9 Simple, Effective Probiotics You Can Make at Home” (Stinging Nettle Vitamin C Enhancer Recipe). 1.Where do you buy dried nettle for infusions? Unlike a typical infusion, a nourishing infusion is prepared with a much larger quantity of the herb. And, of course, never eat a wild plant without first checking with a local expert. Nettles have so much nutrition and huge health benefits. Mar 28, 2019 - Explore Eva Moreno's board "Nettle leaf benefits" on Pinterest. Overall Health – If you want to use nettle for women’s health, prostate health or some of its other uses, start with a nettle tea or tincture. If you can leave it overnight that’s even better! If you want to reap the benefits of nettle oil, you can make a simple nettle oil infusion at home. The potential health benefits of herbal infusions made from dried dandelion leaves range from diuretic, detoxifying and acne-fighting properties to protection against eye diseases and improved cardiovascular health. In some related tropical nettles, the sting can be felt for years. But here are a few examples: You may hear some people use the terms “infusion” and “tea” interchangeably but there is actually a difference. Some of this is due to the depletion of agricultural soils and some is due to our own selective choices. Rhizomes are available year-round, but will have more potency in late fall through early spring. However, nettles have been safely consumed by pregnant women throughout human history. For sure I’m going to try to transplant some in order to increase my “crop” next spring! Drink your infusion immediately, or refrigerate for up to 3 days. Nettle tea possesses various health benefits. A great source of protein, vitamins and minerals, nettle is revitalizing and works wonders when ingested as an infusion (1 ½ oz (50 g) leaves for 1 quart (1 liter) hot water) in case of lack of energy or of iron. See more ideas about nettle, herbalism, healing herbs. Nettle herb is nutrient dense and eating it regularly can supply you with the needed vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that are most likely missing from your diet.. What do I mean by that? A standard infusion can also be prepared with 1-3 teaspoons of dried herb. Nettle is also helpful for poison ivy since nettle acts as an antihistamine. Mint leaf can also help the flavor. One of the more interesting application is to take a tablespoon of seeds and soak them in wine overnight. Overnight is fine. Nettle leaves are used to prevent kidney stone formation. What a great way to make sure that nothing goes to waste! If you make a nettle infusion and forget or don’t drink it all in 2-3 days, but don’t want to throw it out just use it as a hair rinse! If you forage (and know what to look for) you may be able to find the fresh herb and dry it yourself. Here is the dried nettle that I typically use if you’re interested 😉. A Bit of History . Also I picked a lot and dried it for tea. Boost your immune system and fight off colds! If stomach discomfort occurs with any of these, take them with food. Urtication is used as needed, or as can be comfortably endured. All you need to do is steep one cup (or about one ounce) of dried nettles in a quart of hot water for at least 4 hours. Despite its nutrient density and many medicinal healing properties, nettle is frequently thought of as a … You can also take capsules or make dried nettle into electuaries (like cough drops). Side effects of an allergic reaction may include nausea, a burning sensation in the digestive tract, or hives after consuming fresh nettles. We’re the coolest bunch of backyard researchers on Earth! Thus, nettle clothing began to gradually disappear. There are many places you can find dried nettle. A whole lot of things! Mammals in general, including your dog or cat, respond to nettles much as humans do. Nettles are full of vitamins and minerals like iron and calcium. *Just be careful not to touch it with your bare hands! Nettle infusion (not tea, not tincture, not capsules) provides lavish amounts of protein, all macro- and trace-minerals in excellent amounts, and every vitamin we need - excepting … The flavor is so smooth and it makes one feel warm and calm. The #1 way to improve your health is to kick the sugar habit. Though their appearance is not eye-catching, they are difficult to confuse with look-alikes. Another favored preparation is fresh nettle juice. If you’re not convinced and are thus wondering, “how to make nettle Tea taste better,” we recommend creating a blend. As a nutritive herb, they are generally viewed as safe, even in high amounts and over long periods of time. “Antiproliferative Effect on Human Prostate Cancer Cells by a Stinging Nettle Root (Urtica Dioica) Extract.”. (Seriously, this method is so easy—and effective—you’ll wonder why you’ve never heard of it before!) For most people though, stinging nettle is not a problem and can be an amazing addition to their natural health program. “Stinging Nettle.” HerbMentor. It’s not called STINGING nettle for nothing!!*. Nettles have been used by people at all levels of health, including those who are immune compromised. This recipe is so easy, you’re not going to believe it! Pour 1 cup of boiling water over the herb and let it infuse for 10-15 minutes. That are often steamed or boiled, as well, and can be used in a variety of applications, including soups, smoothies, stir-fries, and more. They can easily be distinguished by their lack of stinging hairs. Two cups of nettle infusion has all the vitamins and minerals you need for a day. Psst! While you definitely use herbs for both a tea and an infusion, the difference between the two is in the amount of herbs used and how long they steep. The food system has come a long way since then, but still in the winter, fresh anything was hard to get, especially organic & variety. “Holistic Weight Loss for Gardeners” (Nettle, Asparagus, and Broccoli Soup Recipe), “For Pasta Lovers Everywhere: 8 Ways to Enjoy Wholesome Noodles”. Use appropriate caution. Consult with multiple sources to ensure proper identification. Some other benefits worth noting are that nettle keeps your blood vessels flexible (this lightens the load on your heart and helps prevent heart problems), promotes hair growth and gives it shine, improves skin tone, helps with allergies as it is a natural anti-histamine, it strengthens your immune system, is a natural liver detox, and helps regulate blood sugar. Then sip the wine throughout the day to help deal with illness. – Pat, Heal Thyself! For example, wood nettles (Laportea canadensis) have a mixture of opposite and alternate leaves, whereas stinging nettles’ leaves are always opposite. One of the easiest ways to use nettles is as a food. How to Make Nettle Oil Infusion. In my opinion, because of the wide variety of health benefits and overall versatility of stinging nettles, this is one herb you definitely want to include in your natural medicine cabinet!
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