In clear waters, use jigs that are close to the typical color of their food such as silver and gray. Regarded as the golden standard of Crappie jig bodies, the Bobby Garland Baby Shad from Bobby Garland Baits is one of the most tried, true, and effective soft plastic bodies of all time. How to Fish Docks and Brushpiles for Summer Crappie. The size 1/16 ounce works the best with the 2-inch shade bait and is the most popular size jig for crappie. Jig head options were often limited to white, chartreuse, or red. Many anglers fish 1/32-ounce jigs year-round for crappie. Copyrights © 2019 CrappieNOW. Been fishing dirty/muddy water for about 2 months now. If you locate a swarm of crappies that are hungry, any color—and nearly anything for that matter—can be jigged effectively. In some parts of... How to Choose the “BEST” Color for Crappie Jigs. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. When the summertime sun raises water temperatures above the 80-degree mark, crappie seek deeper water and heavier cover. Simply by looking at the water and lowering a lure down, I determine if the lake is muddy, dingy, algae stained or clear. “I use the Spike It Color-C-Lector. This kind of tube jig approximates the silver “flash” of a minnow and can entice crappie to bite 2. Myers has a broad and eclectic range of expertise in personal computer maintenance and design, home improvement and design, and visual and performing arts. At first I had trouble catching them, then a change of color made all the difference! “In tournament situations, I always use the Color-D-Lector,” concludes Dannenmueller. Crappie jigs come in dozens of colors. Story & photos by Darl Black Ask a few anglers around the country to name their “favorite” crappie-catching color in a jig and you’ll probably …. First you determine the water color by lowering the probe into water and noting at what depth white top of the probe disappears. “This will be a cross between a natural color and a bright color, such as a sparkle body with a hot chartreuse tail. “If the water is in the clear range, I go with more natural colors or clear bodies with sparkle – anything that closely resembles minnows and shad. See below for a list of my favorite colors. Make sure you use the small minnow jigs, not the larger minnow jigs meant for bass and walleye fishing. Here are 10 tips you need to know to help you catch more crappie in the fall. Many styles and color options available. If you lose sight within two feet, water is rated Muddy; two to four feet, water is rated Stained; greater than four feet, water is Clear. “It is extremely important for the angler to have identified the depth at which crappies are holding. Dannenmueller says it is critical to check the recommendations of the Color-C-Lector when available light changes (low sun versus mid-day; sunny skies fading to overcast skies) or when you observe a change in the water color. Lefebre often remarks that if he was not fishing the pro bass circuit, he would be on the crappie tournament trail. The Eagle Claw Jig and Strike King Mr. Crappie are both highly effective baits, meaning a choice between these two will boil down to personal preference. On one of the lakes I fish red flake body with chartreuse tail is the ticket. White is very visible in cloudy waters and in water that is choppy and confused due to wind on the surface of the lake or pond. Professional crappie angler Tim Blackley takes a moment to share his favorite crappie plastic colors for water clarities ranging from muddy to clear. To learn more crappie jig colors, check out my article about that here: Best Crappie Jig Colors, And How To Choose. Or perhaps they choose the only color crappie jig in their box! The number of possible crappie jig colors can make your head spin. “Sure, you can catch some crappies on almost any color, but to maximize your catch you must be tuned into the best color for the conditions. Crappie are known for their good eyesight, so coloring is important. 3 jigs for $2.75 plus shipping. Because crappies school together and often feed in a frenzy like sharks, you may find you can catch dozens of them, one after another continuously, as soon as you put the right jig in the water. By considering water clarity, light intensity and depth, this instrument tells you which colors fish see best under specific conditions.”. Bad blood is body color half white and half chartreuse with red curl tail or stinger tail. I am a hobby jig maker, but several people have asked to buy them. Going to a well-stocked fishing supply store makes the task no easier of course. God bless. Because they congregate around “stick ups” like stands of water grasses, downed tree limbs, or bridges and boat docks, crappies are easy to reach from shore positions. “By using Crappie Pro Mo’Glow florescent jig heads and two-tone bodies from Bobby Garland, Garrett and I can easily match the range of colors indicated on the C-Lector. However, if you don’t want to spend extra than you should go with the kmucutie jig 5 Pieces Mix Colors Resin Jig Metal Lead Jig 3 inch 1 Ounce. Walking into a bait shop with mom and dad, young anglers see a lot of different live baits for sale. By recognizing the part that colors plays in your jig presentation allows you stock up on a wide selection of colored jig bodies right now for the coming season…not just your favorite color! She currently serves as Director of Elections for McLean County, Illinois government. PowerSports of Abrams, WI Adds Steve Kuchenberg to Lund Pro-Staff. Hot pink is another popular color in marabou or bucktail feathered crappie jigs. You probably already know what color works best on your home waters and if not just experiment to find that magic combination. You may have determined this by sonar readings of baitfish and crappies, or by having caught fish recently at this depth.”. In the past, it was a struggle selecting the right colors for these situations. Furthermore, if fish are observed at multiple depths, you can set rods at those depths with each rod fishing a different color combination recommended by the Color-C-Lector.”. Here we also have the top 10 best crappie jig colors guide just for you. “The Crappie Book: Basics and Beyond”; Keith Sutton; 2006, “Pro Tactics: Panfish: Use the Secrets of the Pros to Catch Bluegill, Crappie, and Perch”; Jason Durhan; 2008. A popular takeoff on the artificial minnow crappie jig is the tube jig made from soft plastic that has silver flecks impregnated in the tube body. The market is filled up with a variety of crappie jig colors, but the best crappie jig colors that suits your needs can be a bit difficult to find. Crappie jig color is not an exact science by any means, but by choosing a jig color based on the theory that makes most sense to you, you will have a place to start. You can purchase crappie jigs made of soft plastic that look very much like real minnows, down to the silver and blue, or silver and green coloring of the skin and the large silver eye. Choose the color by environmental factors like natural food sources and water clarity, but be prepared to experiment with colors. May 7, 2020; By Bob Frye. Folks, this video was highly requested by some viewers on my channel, so here you go! for Crappie. Marshall believes that color selection is important and that crappie can detect shades such as reds, pinks or oranges. “Under this situation, I go with translucent hues and clear bodies with sparkle flakes regardless of water color,” explains Lefebre. He explains that after determining the water clarity of the particular lake or river, you once again begin lowering the probe but this time stopping at the depth you believe crappies are located. Aug 24, 2015 - Buy Factory Direct crappie jig heads, crappie flukes, crappie shad, crappie jigs, and much more from They both have their favorites and we bet you will have a blast putting their choices head to head on your own body of water as the summer heat fades away. Most fall days bring cloudy skies and light winds, and choosing a dark-colored jig for these conditions is paramount for success. This is the best choice currently available in the market at the best price. My process of color selection is based around water clarity. Those with limited casting skills can easily catch scads of crappies by “jigging” for them rather than casting. If I am throwing a jig that does not have chartruse in it, I use a that color as my head. Crappie readily bite for nearly everyone in the spring, but these panfish become more of a challenge to catch in the heat of summer. // Leaf Group Lifestyle, Tips for Using Rubber Worms for Bass Fishing. The magnitude and range of crappie jig colors can certainly be a little unsettling and confusing especially to the neophyte angler going after white perch or crappie for the first time. Certain colors are far more visible under specific water clarity and light conditions than other colors. Mr. Crappie jig heads come in colors of chartreuse, fluorescent orange, limetruse, pink, refrigerator white, and unpainted. The fish still remain active though as they feed on schools of shad passing through the crappie’s hot-weather haunts. The head of the jig is usually painted black or white and has a painted eye on it. Your crappie jig color is important and certain colors seems to work better on certain lakes. Likely their answers are based on memorable catches with a certain color on a particular lake under specific conditions. When autumn arrives, crappie snap out of their summer doldrums and gorge on baitfish in preparation for a long, cold winter.The fish migrate from their deep summer haunts to the dining areas of the shallow flats.. The second approach is – for lack of a better term – your gut. But orange heads have pretty good with something chartruse in the jig. COLOR IS IMPORTANT. This is based on one’s experience over a broad range of lakes of different water clarity. Crappies are a favorite catch among many anglers, and you can catch a lot of them during ice fishing. The magnitude and range of crappie jig colors can certainly be a little unsettling and confusing especially to the neophyte angler going after white perch or crappie for the first time. The theory is that crappie can see this color from some distance despite a lot of silt or vegetation in the water 2. A writer and entrepreneur for over 40 years, J.E. Now some 40 years later it was still hard to convince me that color really made that big a difference. Ask a few anglers around the country to name their “favorite” crappie-catching color in a jig and you’ll probably end up with almost as many different responses as the number of fishermen questioned. All Rights Reserved. Unlike anglers, crappies don’t have a “favorite” lure color. Details About Crappie Jig Hks 4 Packs Mister Wobbly Eyes Chart Black Chart 1 32oz 6 Eyes Move . There are two general processes to consider. Crappies have even struck a piece of aluminum foil or a bit of red cloth. The Best Color Jig For Winter Crappie. Not to sure about spring/summer, just started using painted jig heads. for Crappie. But, if you leave it in the hands of experts, like us, then you can be assured that you will land up with a reliable and trusted crappie jig colors. Hot pink can work in the same cloudy water conditions as chartreuse-colored jigs, theoretically. After crappie fishing for 20+ years, I still remember how tough it was to choose jig colors in the beginning. My goal is to speed that process up for you. The jig-and-pig is a standard bait for flipping, pitching or casting. These jigs have large painted white or red eyes. At night, you can try blacks and dark blues. If I know crappies are in a location but I’m not getting bites within 5 to 10 minutes, then I change colors.”, When post frontal days create those high blue cloudless skies, crappies can be tight lipped. When presented with the right line action—a darting “bounce” produced by a slight jigging or dancing of the tip of the fishing pole—a hot pink jig can strike crappie gold.
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